caladbolglight's Mighty Avengers #4 review

Poopy Man!

Thanos's invasion of Earth is over, so what does that mean for the Mighty Avengers.

The Good

I like this team. It's decided to go against the status quo of Marvel and try and bring into the spotlight some C-list heroes (other than the Superior Spider-Man). Spectrum aka Pulsar aka Captain Marvel aka Monica Rambeau (this girl is really suffering from an identity crisis) has some real potential that really hasn't been explored since the '80s. She has real potential as a character. Falcon's addition to the team is logical, given his preference for more grounded hero work versus all the cosmic stuff that the Avengers seem to go through on a daily basis. It also brings to the mix two young heroes, Power Man and White Tiger, both only introduced in the last few years. Eventually, Marvel is going to have to realize that Iron Man and rest of them are getting pretty old. This is the way to solve that problem. Introducing new characters, not in a solo book, but in a book with some bigger names.

The story serves far more as a proper introduction to the team than as a stand alone adventure. This works, as a team that was assembled (a pun) in the middle of Infinity in a rather ad-hoc fashion, needs a zero issue.

I enjoy how this story respects continuity and recognizes that Luke Cage no longer wants to actively pursue heroism, but he's still doing what he wants to, and giving the Mighty Avengers a purpose completely separate from the main Avengers team. After all, there are way too many Avengers teams running around New York City.

I love Ronin.

The Bad

I have never been a fan of Land's artwork. It comes down to the fact that everyone looks the same. The lines are all clean and nothing is really out of place, but everything feels rather generic. He has a very recognizable style but it feels very generic, almost as though it is lacking character.

This team is running into a rather new problem that comics are encountering. It's being racially diverse for the sake of being racially diverse. About two thirds of the way through, it shows a shot of the team, and we have two African Americans, one Afro-Hispanic, and one of Mexican ancestry. Now it's really excellent that comics are becoming more racially diverse, but it seems as though Luke Cage has assembled a team of people who are really going to annoy supremacists. Marvel, stop trying so hard, because when people notice this stuff, it just doesn't seem genuine.

This book really seems to be driven a lot by the mystery of Spider-Hero's identity, and it isn't too hard to guess, but it isn't all that interesting, and whenever it's mentioned, I find myself not caring.


The last page of the book was maybe the stupidest idea of a cliff hanger I have ever encountered.


You can live without this book. If you are a fan of the characters, sure, give it a shot, but there's nothing that really stands out here.


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