Would you really call that "Precognition"?

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neither or, its an implant

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Midnighter's ability to think through all the possibilities of how a fight can go, would you call that precognition? It's listed as one of his powers. I think that would be more of an intellect thing then a power to see the future.

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it's limited precognition...

he literally knows every outcome of a fight, it's like the old physics saying, if you knew the place of every atom in the universe and their trajectory, you could predict the future until the end of time.

it's not that he "knows" the future, it's that every possible scenario has been played out in his head so one of them must be correct lol


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The thing is his implants show him the outcome of a battle that he is in. Its different from just being smart because he isn't doing it on his own the implants are showing him the outcome of a fight. He can now what they are going to do before they do it thats why it's precognition.

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