New 52 Midnighter Respect Thread

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally to the top Heavy Hitter: Midnighter

Let's take a look at the new Midnighter feats in this new universe:

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Breaking MM's nose
Body language study
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@matchesmalone21: Awesome scans.

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Predicts that the alien antibody next move will be absorb the Stormwatch into itself
Acting at incredible speed,nerve strikes Martian Manhunter and knockout Jack Hawks
Predict what Apollo will say
Beating Skallox

@NerdsFTW: Thanks

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Still capable to fight in the worst conditions
Showing his skills in a training
Break the Virtruvian man 's neck and chosen to be a Red Lantern
Fighing against Grifter despite being blind

@NerdsFTW: More scans

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Mid nighter one of the freaks of comics .

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He seems really weak compared to his Windstorm self.

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Props for this man.

I still dig Midnighter. Both of them.

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@quirky_anecdotes: @ComicStooge: More scans

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@quirky_anecdotes: @ComicStooge: More scans

Damn, those are good scans.

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Thanks guys, useful scans.

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I have no respect for Midnighter.

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How do you figure he "defeated" Harry Tanner? He kicked Harry once and Harry smacked him back in the face with his energy sword. Seems tied to me.

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@R0NIN: Harry used hostage, sword slice to face did not decapitate (only flesh wound)

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Kick to stomach did nothing to Harry. Harry didn't use a hostage she interrupted the fight and Harry used the interruption to grab her and blow up the station. Not seeing how that is a "feat of respect" for Midnighter.

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@R0NIN: If it as WS midnighter i would scream PIS but in this case there is more to come

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They kill Midnighter of in the next issue of Stormwatch 

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Great Scans

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Man, we need some more of these.

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@cameron83: I'm really busy right now and I stop read Stormwatch :(

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