Midnighter Strength Level

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I was wondering if anyone has a numeric figure for how much weight Midnighter could lift over his head?
He has feats that suggest obvious and possibly high levels of superhuman strength but I've never seen a figure put to it.

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Sorry for double post, please lock this thread/use the other one for replies.

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He's strong enough to shatter skulls with a chop and snap superhumans' necks with forceful grabs. He's probably up there...how strong does it take to cut a skull with a hand?

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Bump, does anyone knows Midnighter's strength level lol?

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No more than 2 tons max, Bane is stronger

his martial arts skills and battle computer keep him in the higher tier games though and allow him to fight people he shouldn't.

Think of Batman on steroids or Batman with extra PIS

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