How can he be beaten?

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I have only read a few Authority stories but i love em. I have one question though - if the Midnighter can beat anyone in hand to hand (or human) combat then is the only way to defeat him to be more powerful then him? Like he knows that if he ever fought mr majestic then the only outcome would be a total ass whooping.  
Is there any other way to beat him?  
Is he superstrong and super resilient? Can he be drugged or affected by sleeping gas or psychic powers?   
and lastly, and just for fun, can people upload scans of his best moments? Just to show how cool he is. 

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He has a lot of abilities but he isnt invincible thats why he is cool, presumably u can kill him with dismemberment if u can get a successsful hit, a well placed shot is also leathal, hes a tough no dout but he can drop
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