How can he be beaten/

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Written without PIS.

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by a figther more skilled them him

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speed faster than he could sense would work, so would some form of omni-directional attack, i think a terrakinetic could mess him up, etc

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@Hi I'm New:
Speedsters that are faster than him and especially Psyhics that can broke out his 'combat computer' so he would'n't prodict the battle. The only problem is his superhuman abilities and 'The Door' but with a S#!t load of prep and having some outstanding martial arts skills you might stand a chance against him. I read some things about him and after reading a couple of his comics, and some The Authority comics Midnighter is no f-ing joke.
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Speed simply to great for him to counter or durability to great to harm. Or someone who preps

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Yeah I guess via SB

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shoot in arms, legs, cripple from a distance. find a way to reduce his healing  (its possible, see the magnificent kev 2)

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By having enough people stop buying his comic.

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