Does Midnighter's battle computer count for time/reflexes?

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I just randomly thought of this. If it's been done before, I apologize, please give a link, I did search, but due to slow internet connection, the search kept timing out on me.

Anyways, I understand how Midnighter runs through a bunch of combat scenario's and has the "knows everything his opponent will do, before they do it" type thing. I was however curious on if his power takes in account speed and reflexes.

Hypothetically speaking, suppose he's fighting someone on his level of strength, but faster than he is. Now his computer says "Okay there's a 96 percent probability that he'll do this" And his opponent does it, and of course Midnighter reacts accordingly. But what if the other person reacts too? What if his battle computer tells him to side step, and kick the ribs, but his opponent, see's it coming, and then oh I don't know sweeps his other leg out, elbows his face, etc before he has time to react to it.

So yeah, I guess I'm asking, if the battle computer accounts for when someone has better speed/reaction time?

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If someone like say Flash(who acordingto G-man can now react and think at the same speed he can move) fights Midnighter, then MN looses. The idea of MN being invencible is a misconception that many people shares, otherwise why should he be on a team.

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@Lasiurus: He can deal with it but only so much. His combat computer doesn't just tell him the next thing to do, it gives him the whole battle (many whole battles) and if his enemy is going to see what he's doing and respond, his computer would give him that response too and he'd be able to be prepared for his enemy's new tactic. However, he'd still need to be fast enough to actually work with what the enemy would do next. Midnighter has very good reaction speed of his own, but if a character were too fast for him, knowing what they would do wouldn't be enough for him to do anything about it.

@midnightmare: The Doctor is on a team with Midnighter despite actually being invincible. Midnighter is on a team because Warren Ellis was doing his take on superheroes and the JLA have a Batman so his world-changing team has Midnighter. Midnighter is on a team in the world of the comic because he likes the people he's with and the scale they can work on.

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He has wired nerves for that , he has reacted against speedsters and flying bricks.

Put it this way , batman is good because he is the 'goddamn batman' popularity to define pis moments (I love the guy though, but kicking spectre is too much. what about the guy who deals with street stuff and fights bane?)

Mnite is batman who is justified because he is a meta, and none of that 'prep time bullsh*t either"

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@Rumble Man: Midnighter has superhuman reflexes, but that doesn't mean there is no opponent that would be too fast for him.

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@Buckshot: In the WSU grifter crossover he got fked up by space spunk because they were slightly faster than him

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@Rumble Man said:

@Buckshot: In the WSU grifter crossover he got fked up by space spunk because they were slightly faster than him

Not (just) because they were faster than him but because they had something similar to his combat computer and it was working faster than his and giving them plans he wasn't ready for.

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@Buckshot: And that stormwatch team achilles crossover where he got deactivated (bendis tech) and mangled by jukko hamalanein. Also when middy jumped to the bio shapeshifter when santini was in the room, priceless.

The asian cyborg 'counter attack' thing is BS though.

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