Does his battle computer act for him?

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I get that Midnighter's battle computer enables him to know what special abilities and enhancements his opponent has, that it can detect the increased electrical activity in his opponent's brain, and that it knows what moves his opponent will make...but does Midnighter's computer perform his next moves for him, or does it just tell him what his opponent will do forcing him to choose what actions to take from there?

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His battle computer pretty much tell's him what what his opponent will attack him in a million different scenerios so Midnighter can defeat them in a Million different ways. But if he finds a good fight and tends to enjoy it he can choose to "IGNORE" the scenerios. It will also tell him the position of how and where the Opponent will attack so he can encounter, block, and dodge them. With that in mind, he can use surroundings to his advantage; if there's any weapons lying around he can use them, if there's a huge rock in the way he can use that for cover and use his speed to attack from behind. Since he can tell how his opponents body is structured, his computer can tell him where to attack the weak points of the body (nerve strikes) even if they have superb durablility. He can play out the scenerios to more than just one opponent (though he said one time it was abit diificult for him). In The Authority : Human on the Inside, a character named Danny spared with Midnighter but in this version the combat computer is reactive - it only works if an opponent attacks first but this is debatable since he attaked beofre. The best example on how his combat computer works is Middnighter # 7, it plays out from ending to beginning on how his combat computer works.  
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@Nerd Of A Hero: So it doesn't tell him exactly what his opponent will do, it just gives him a million scenarios of what his opponent might or can do? Thus leaving the choices up to him and only acting if he is in imminent danger? I thought the computer told him his what opponent's direct course of action will be.

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His computer tell's him (I think it's like some sorta switch) what the opponent will do based on what type of attack, and out of a million scenerios he'll find at least more than enough resultions and then pick out that scenerio that works best. There's only so many way an opponent can attack to what their limitated to, so unless they somehow suddenly pop out another pair of arms and legs in a middle of a battle, there's no way they can take him on esspecially since they'll have trouble landing a hit on him. He also states that he can see the outcome of the fight the way he wants it to be and then work his way backwards, then follow the rights steps/positions that'll take him there. For example, if he wanted to find a way to twist somebodies neck in a 5 second fight, he'll just think how the fight will play out (Beginning) through scerenio and then work his way in the fight to get to that result (ending). Another way to explain it is like reading a comic book backwards; you read the ending first then read through to the beginning of a comic.  
However, things don't go always go the way he plans it. In Midnighter Armagedoon, he was attacked by 3 Meta Humans and their attacks was so well coordinated that he could ONLY think of 5 ways to beat them. But I believe that it was because they attacked him together and coordinate their attacks that he had some trouble. In The Authority: Harsh Realities, though he kept fighting millions of aliens and had help from Jack Hawksmoor, he had a bit of trouble fighting each alien while running a million scenerios for each alien one by one, which he stated "Mind Blowing". Also, if he's going up against someone like Galactus or someone of that kind of caliber, there's no way he would take them on no matter how many scenereios he can come up with but he could still try to fight to the best of his abilities.   
There has been times where he didn't need his computer implants to help him win a fight, but yeah that's how his combat computer works.

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@Nerd Of A Hero: Alright, I think I get it now. Thanks.

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