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Written by Garth Ennis Art and cover by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story Variant cover by Arthur Adams

After being ambushed and forcibly taken off the Carrier with a bomb implanted into his chest, The Midnighter is made an offer he can't refuse: accept the terms of a deadly mission or die. Faced with such a pleasant prospect he agrees, biding his time until he can eviscerate his tormentors. It's not until he's near completing his objective that things go all to Hell in this action-packed spectacular!

The issue starts with Midnighter in the Middle of a trench filled with dead bodys and a german begins to fire at him. He takes cover with a bunch of dead bodys. Flashback, Midnighter is talking to Paulus and he says he refuses to kill Hitler at birth. Paulus says hes sending him to a place where 1 more death will not be noticed. Flash to WW2, Midnighter sneaks around a German camp when suddenly the french attack. The French attack Midnighter even though he says hes not German. He quickly dispacthes the French and hitler walks up to congratulate him. Midnighter says he and the Fuhrer need to take a walk and knees Hitler in the Balls. Midnighter is about kill Hilter when time stops and People in a Hovership tell Midnighter to put his hands up.

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