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Months later, David has a waking dream of being a Walker and attacks several innocent bystanders, Laurel stops him but only just. They make camp in a warehouse for the night and Laurel asks him if she wants to make it easier on him and simply kill him now, but he shouldn’t answer right away, he has to hear the other side before making his choice. With that she walks out into the snow.

Minutes later there is a knock on the door and David is greeted by four Walkers who grab an old radio out of their van. They set the radio down on the floor and set a chair next to it, one of the Walkers hugs him. Finally despite that it is not plugged in a voice comes out of the radio and tells David that everything he believes is a lie.

Outside, several yards away, Laurel wants to give up. Inside, the voice offers an example, that if the Walkers wanted to, they could kill David at any time and they choose not to. Now the voice only asks that David touch the dial on the radio as a show of faith, pointing out that Laurel knew the Walkers were coming and let David meet with them anyway, knowing that he trusts her. David does so and finds himself in a very different New York. It seems to be covered in stone and wood instead of glass and steel. There standing higher up on the roof of a building is a blue skinned man with black-holes for irises, he goes on about how creation is a lie since it’s built upon the promise that things will get better, he cites examples of the misery in the world. He goes on to explain that he wishes to expose the creator for the sham that he is.

David is transported back to the warehouse and the Walkers leave. Laurel returns in the morning. Telling him not to repeat what ‘The Other Guy’ said she simply says that he needs to decide if he wants Laurel to end it there or not. David explains how once after Sarah left him, once he realized he had lost her, he put his service revolver to his head. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a friend called and invited him to a Dodgers game. He had the receiver in one hand and his revolver in the other. He chose the baseball game; he figured that the gun was always there if he changed his mind. He decided to take his chances; just he was now, with the Other Guy and with Laurel. In that moment, Laurel took him in her arms and held him. They walked out of the warehouse together as friends. She added on that she’d have to ask that question a mere two more times.







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