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After refusing to answer any of David’s questions, only repeating what she said earlier, she takes him to see the man who answers questions, but not before seeing the same black van that Grey had seen before a seeming lifetime ago. He thinks back and it all comes back the bodies, the creatures, and the man reaching into his chest, David wonders if she is dead. Laurel says, ‘No. Almost. But not quite. Not yet.’

Shortly, they come to an elderly man named ‘Laz’, who seems to be looking for something, but is rather mysterious about that it is, Laurel says that Arthur says Laz is looking for his death.

Eventually, they come to a run-down part of town; David admits he doesn’t think he’s been this way before. They walk into an old factory full of what appears to be vagrants. When they walk in everyone seems to be in awe of Laurel.

They find Arthur, who is the one who answers questions, he tells his story as man who fell between the cracks and became part of the In-between, how he just slowly became forgotten and then invisible. When David notes that it’s not the same as what happened to him. Arthur almost looks upon with pity and explains that the Goblin creatures and the Men also known as the Walkers are one and the same, that the Man that David saw reach into his chest is the same man who created the Walkers. He goes on to say that when that man reached into his chest, he took something, David Grey’s soul. He approximately a year before he becomes a Walker himself.







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