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After investigating a couple of brutal murders, Detective David Grey finds himself ripped from his life into the world between life and death.

After investigating what appears to be a gang-related murder, Detective Lieutenant David Grey of the LAPD finds that the only witness who comes forward is a young man who grew up with the deceased, he says that the young man laying in a pool of rain water and his own blood only a few yards away was moving illegal drugs for a man named Jaeker, who is under the protection of a group called ‘The Men’. Just when the informant has mentioned this an unmarked black van screeches to a stop and shines it high-beams at the officer and the young man, surprisingly the van turns away and in the confusion the young man disappears into the night.

Back at the station, Grey’s Captain feels that this case is better left alone since gang members killing each other is progress in his book.

Sometime later, Grey is called to the scene of a grizzly homicide. The walls and ceiling of an apartment splattered with blood. The remains have been cut apart and placed in various areas of the apartment almost as a bad joke... and a warning to others. He finds the head in the refrigerator with the eyes taken out and scrawled in blood on the back wall says: “TALKS TOO MUCH”. Grey recognizes the head as belonging to the young man who came forward earlier.

Grey decides that recent events put Jaeker at the top of his list of suspects for both murders. After looking references to ‘The Men’ and finding nothing, he looked up Jaeker’s rap sheet and found it was as long as his arm and an out-state-Warrant from Washington. He decided it was time to bring Jaeker in.

He led a squad to Jaeker’s apartment building and got about halfway up the stairs when the lights were cut. Grey quickly found that his squad was torn apart and he was alone against a group of goblin-like creatures with wide Joker-like grins, as Jaeker ordered them to kill him. Grey was able to get off a couple shots which sent Jaeker though the window from several stories up. Grey however finds himself tackled. A man appears and reaches into Grey’s chest without breaking the skin and Grey blacks out.

David wakes in a hospital to find that he can see through everyone else and no one can hear him except for one woman, Laurel. She says he is in the place in-between and that she is to be his guide until he they find and kill him or until he turns, in which case she’ll kill him, any questions?







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