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Bug has left the Micronauts without telling him. He flies off into space with Solitaire, who has taken on the form of Marionette, but with an Insectivorid body. She mostly leaves him alone to think, and he begins to imagine what the Micronauts are doing without him.

At first he imagines that the (previously-friendly-seeming) aliens he left them with drug the Micronauts. They are put up for sacrifice, and the team pines for his presence, for surely he could save them.

In his next fantasy, a pirate fleet of his own race attacks the planet, and while the Micronauts bravely fight them off, they once again wish Bug was there to help.

He spends a little time with Solitaire, and they become romantically involved, but then he starts to get on her nerves.

He once again imagines what's happening to the Micronauts. This time he pretends they are once again tricked by the friendly aliens, and about to die, when their arch-enemy Baron Karza shows up.

Bug eventually realizes that all these daydreams mean he is really meant to be with the Micronauts after all. He and Solitaire turn the ship around to go back.

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