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The Micronauts are flying across the cosmos searching for a place to land and explore. Bug is bored, playing computer chess with holograms of Nightcrawler and Wolverine. They find some planets, but are interrupted by an alarm from the sickbay.

They find Marionette has destroyed much of it, because it is filled with parts from the body banks that they had previously fought hard to destroy.

Huntarr has taken the cosmic egg that they found and installs it as the ship's power source. He also describes how this egg is one of many, each of which is genetically different, and which have been sent across the microverse. He now likes his new form, seeing it as biological art, instead of being a biological weapon.

They land on a planet, on which everything is covered with a chrome-like substance. They are attacked by the native aliens and try to escape, but their ship is damaged. Meanwhile, Biotron and Microtron argue over whether to tell the Micronauts they have radiation sickness.

The Micronauts realize that the chrome plating on everything is to reflect the sun, and when the sun rises in a few minutes, it will burn them to a crisp. Just then, huge sections of the planet start to open up, and the Micronauts are brought underneath the surface.

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