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This Annual presents three stories tell by the Time Traveler. They presents some adventures of the members of the Micronauts just before their encounter in the first number of the micronauts .  
The first one shows Commander Arcturus Rann and his android Biotron. One day before the end of their 1000 years exploratory mission, Biotron discovers a strange maelstrom (a force nexus) where the rules of physics seemed not to apply. As his mission requires, he decides to wake up the commander Rann in order to try to contact any life form they can met. 
So, the commander quits his hibernation couch (witch enables him to travel 1000 years ago) and the two explorers land in a beautiful flowery landscape. But, immediately,  a strange character, named himself the Galactic defender, shoots them. A fight begins until commander Rann succeeds to shatter the helmet of his opponent who flee immediately. 
Thus, Rann and his companion continue to investigate the strange planet which is totally inhabited even if ruins demontrates that an advanced cilisation had lived here. With his sensors, Biotron succeeds to find the Galactic Defender. This one lay down in a big room, surrounded by a lot of glass tubes containing corpses. then, aging extremelly quickly, he tells the two explorers the story of his planet, paradise III. 
Long time ago, his inhabitants decides they are perfect and that no other race in the universe was enought pure to have contact with them. So, they create a Force nexus (witch our heros first discover) in order to protect their planet. But, they also eliminated all the ugly, the crippled and all who were imperfect. Even the old age was a sign of devation to their criteria of perfection and means death. At the end, they sealed themselves in hibernation tube with aerobionic environment for being perfect ...for all eternity. Only the Galactic Defender was awake even if their aerobionic helmet preserved him from death. Unfortunatly, the force nexus  was the cause of earthquakes all around the planet and the glass tubes containing the people of Paradise III was one by one shattered. Only their defender remains alive but, with his protective helmet break by the Commander Rann, he become dust just after he finishes his story. 
Rann and Biotron get back in their spacecraft (the endeavor ) and continue their travel in the microverse, leaving this strange planet without any inhabitant.
 The second story takes on Homeworld, a planet ruled by a king, father of the prince Argon and princess Mari. In the royal gardens, the princess is demonstrated her extraordinary agility, riding Oberon, the white steed of her brother when Baron Karza arrives. His terrific appearance in his centaur form frightens Oberon but Microtron, the robot tutor of Mari helps his protege to not be hurt. After this event, the conversation between the Royal Family and the Baron is strained. The Baron is the more influential man of Homeworld It's seem a matter of time before he try to seize the power and the two children counsel their father to defy him but the king is afraid to begin a civil war.

After the baron has left, The king, his wife and their children travel thought their town in the middle of poor people but also rich men who are the fellows of Baron Karza. They also bump a convoy of alien prisoners destined for the Karza's arena games. Among them, Bug and Acroyear talk about a woman they try to meet and send a secret sign to Princess Mari.

At their arrival in the arena, the royal family is welcome by Karza and his new right hand, prince Shaitan . The king, understanding that, this time, the Baron defy him try to resist but Karza kills him and his wife. Argon and Mari soon react. They confront the dog soldiers of Karza and succeed to escape from the hand of the new ruler of Homeworld. The two fugitives decide to meet up the underground rebellion they support for some time.

After their run, Karza authorize Shaitan to go after them without telling him he allow the escape in order to discover the rebellion headquarters and the source of the Enigma Force

In the final story, we meet again Bug and Acroyear after they bump the princess Mari. They are in the Yard of the Gladiator, a heavily-guarded enclosure where the prisoners are supposed to train before fighting in the arena. Because they refuse to join the exercises, Acroyear have to face a huge humanoid called maccabee. His incredible strength permit him to win.

Before he savours his victory, a shadow priest give to him and to Bug their own weapons after they go in the real arena. The monk whispers in their ears that the underground is with them but it doesn't prevent them to be took in the arena. Under the eyes of Baron Karza and his fellow prince Shaitan, treacherous brother of Acroyear, the fight begins.

While Bug face a repto (a huge flying reptilian, natural enemy of his race), Acroyear fights a Terraphant (a giant half-beast half-roboid creature). Using all their skills of warriors, the two friends wins their duel. Even if they could be free after their victories, Karza decides their death a send a giant-size droid beast who look like a terrific insect. One time again, they win and the spectators, so happy to see this terrifying fight, force the Baron to let the heroes alive. 

So, the scene is ready: Commander Rann and Biotron are a the end of the trip and are nearby landing on Homeworld. Prince Argon and Princess are fugitive and try to join the underground movement after Baron Karza killed their parents and took the power on Homeworld. And Bug and Acroyear, prisoners in the Karza's arena wait for the good moment for escaping and joining the Underground.

In one day, the Micronauts will be all together for confront the tyranny of Karza.


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