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The micronauts fight the Man-Thing meanwhile Ray Coffin and Philipp Prometheus discover the microverse.

Complete summary (with spoilers)

After escaping from Professor Prometheus madness and human authorities, the Micronauts and Steve Coffin take some rest in the everglades, in the fishing cabin of Steve’s father, Ray. Steve is extremely sad from the disappearance of his father in the Prometheus pitt (See Micronauts # 5 ). Meanwhile Bug and Acroyear try to comfort the boy, Marionette and Biotron observe the dreams of Commander Rann, sleeping in his hibernation couch.


1000 years ago, Dallan and Sepsis Rann, rulers of Homeworld, (and their chief scientist Karza),  watch their son, Arcturus, boarding in his Spacecraft, the Endeavor. During 10 centuries, the future leader of the Micronauts, hibernating in his special couch, explores the microverse. Telepathically link to his robot Biotron, using him as a spokesman, he brings the Homeworld‘s message of peace to countless far-flung worlds.  However, long before the two companion’s journey ends, the Warp drive was discover in Homeworld and the spaceships were able to travel instantaneously into all the Microverse, So, all the planets the first micronauts explore have being conquered by the armies of Karza.

But, beyond the farthest star of the Microverse, the Endeavor reach a barrier : the spacewall. It’s at this moment what luminous beings appeared, calling themselves The Enigma Force. Their presence make the telepathic link between Commander Rann and his robot permanent and allowing Biotron to feel all the human emotions. For the first time feeling fear, Biotron regain control of the Endeavor and quit the spacewall in order to plotted a course for home.

 At the present time, Microtron detect a TV program about that happen in Cap Canaveral (See Micronauts 5 and 6). The heroes watch it but Steve cannot have news of his father (as a strange barrier keep anyone away from the Prometheus’s  Laboratory). The young boy was so sad that he run outside the pier and meet … the Man-thing. The strange creature, attracted by the sadness of Steve, try to catch him but Marionette shots on him. The battle begins.


In the Microverse, a lot of things happens. First-able, Ray Coffin, fallen in the Prometheus Pitt who drive him in the microverse, encounters the time traveler, one manifestation of the enigma force and this one asks to the former astronaut to be the earth champion in the war against Karza

 In an another corner of the microverse space, Karza and his fleet observe the giant form of Phillip Prometheus, floating among the little spacecrafts. This one was totally driven mad by his travel but the baron don’t care about his mental state. The only thing that interest him is the giant body he can mind-merge in.

In Florida, the Micronauts fight against the terrific Man-thing. His body, made of slime resist to all the attacks of his little opponents. Only the courage of Steve disturbs the creature who is attract by fear. The young boy, after the nearly defeat of his friends, used the swamp buggy to slice the amount of muck and vegetative witch form the Man-thing. The fight is over.

At this time, the Endeavor is repaired and re-energized and commander Rann decides to search for Steve's father and carried the war back to Karza, the baron who succeed to used Prometheus body and emerge from ...the Prometheus pitt.

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