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At the same time, slug try to deliver Prince Argon, the Micronauts escape from Cap Canaveral.

Complete Summary (with Spoilers)

In the professor Prometheus's laboratory, Steve Coffin (and his dog Muffin) runs from the Robot guards of the mad scientist. Around him, the few inch tall Micronauts cover him, firing on the robots. Succeeding of joining his father's car, the young boy escapes from Cap Canaveral with all the Micronauts aboard despite the robot guards who continue to fire on them.After joining his house and Biotron (who, despite a attack from the Coffin's cat, succeed to repair the Endeavor), Steve re-energize the Micronauts's spacecraft (causing a blackout in his area).

On Homeworld, Slug, with some gadget hidden from the Dog Soldiers, enters in the cell of Prince Argon who was transformed in a centaur by Baron Karza. Slug astride in Argon's back, the two leader of the underground movement of Homeworld escape from the prison of the tyrant.

This one, at the same time, discovers the Professor Prometheus, floating in the inner space of the microverse. The numerous sensors of his fleet permit to Karza to discover that the Professor was driven mad by his encounter with the Micronauts and, above all, that he could use him.

On earth, the micronauts and their spacecraft travel with Steve in his father's pickup in order to find a safe place. Unfortunately, the NASA search after them since their escape of cap Canaveral. So, quickly, two police patrol cars try to intercept Steve's car. The Micronauts, one more time, have to defend themselves. Acroyear and Bug break the windscreens of the police cars and Mari, as a elite marksman, shots their tires and the pursuit stop quickly.

So, the commander Rann decides to go to a fishing cabin in the everglades belonging to Ray Coffin He wants to find a place to rest and make plans to return to the Microverse and ...bring back the war to Baron Karza

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