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THe Micronauts reach Earth and explore a strange and dangerous little house

Complete summary (with spoilers)

After had left with haste the Psycho-Man vessel, the Micronauts's spacecraft has passed through the spacewall who separate the Microverse and the rest of the universe. In the passage, the Endeavor was damaged and risks to crash in the giant vegetation under him. Fortunately, thanks to Marionette who used a thorium laser-cannon to made a trench in the green wall, the Micronauts succeed to land .

In the heart of the Endeavor, Bug cries the death of his love, Jasmine, killed by Psycho-Man. His friend, Acroyear, help him and begin to accept to feel some emotion. Soon after, the Micronauts bury Jasmine in the huge and strange vegetation. Commander Rann decides to lead a expedition in order to discover where they are meanwhile Microtron and Biotron are charged to repaired the endeavor. Bug prefers to stay alone for a time and leaves his friends, driving into the green environment.

After a short trip in a big ground vehicle, the explorers discover a big Victorian-style house who is at the same scale than them. Arcturus Rann and his love Marionette begin the exploration of this strange house behind two strange eyes.

In the house, they encounter a waiter in livery but when Marionette touches him, he falls without life. In another room, Mari and Arcturus discover some others persons fixing in front of them, without moving. Mari also try to eat a fruit put in a table but this one tastes like wax. In every room, the scene is identical: people fixed in work or game position. Suddenly, the waiter, moving as if nothing happen, catches Marionette, brings her in another room and stuns her. He carries the princess outside and hand over her to the giant who watch the scene since the beginning.

Outside, Acroyear and Cilicia wait the return of their friends but a forties-years car charges on them. The blade of Acroyear stops his movement, destroying it and the two acroyear warriors reach the house, understanding that something could had happen to their friends. Inside, all the people have bring to life and attack them. All the combat science of the acroyears is necessary to stop them and also permit to discover Commander Rann, wedged under a bookcase. One time again, the people of the house attacks the micronauts who used blades and laser-guns to fight them. Strangely, theirs opponents don't bleed and don't seem to feel pain.

Outside, a little girl (the giant watcher) seem upset and energy rays come out of her eyes. This rays burns some of the strange people fighting the micronauts. The heroes try to leave the house, avoiding the deadly rays. At this moment, the mother of the little girl called Helen interrupts her and accompany her to their huge house.

The Micronauts are safe. They can find the unconscious Marionette and come back to the Endeavor. They never know that a strange Earth-girl possess a strange and mighty power who permit her to animate her dollies and throw eyes energy ray. A little girl who is sad to stop playing with his all-new “living dollies”: Them.

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