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The Micronauts and the Fantastic Four fight Psycho-man in the Microverse.

Complet summary (with spoiler)

The Micronauts faced the gigantic owner of the huge construction where they are: Psycho-Man. Marionette is sad and furious about the fact that the Psycho-man's minions, the antrons, have destroyed Microtron, his personal robot but also his tutor and his friend. She want to fight the giant entity even if Commander Rann tells her to be prudent. Psycho-man, fond of emotions, appreciate this different ways of thinking and throw to the Micronauts a ray of fear with his control box.

Immediately, the micronauts feel their personal deepest fear. Bug and Jasmine fight a reptos, a giant flying predator of Kaliklak. Arcturus Rann have suddenly a lot of doubts and cannot think to a plan or take a decision. Biotron feel the distress of his master but his own fear appear. He is attacked by a phobos, a giant humanoid robot far more sophisticated than him.

Psycho-man press another button on his box and the love Acroyear and Cilicia feel for the other one is transformed into hate and they start a violent fight. Strangely, the master of emotions seems to forget Marionette. The Princess decimates a group of Antrons and attacks her enemy.

In their vehicle, the reducta-craft, three of the fantastic four enter in the Microverse, Their sensors search after the object stolen in the Mr fantastic's laboratory: the armor of Psycho-man. Quickly, they make their way toward the gigantic construction, fortress of their enemy. Landed on the huge sphere, the Thing uses his mighty strength to create a hole and enter in the colossal vessel. They discover the Micronauts, fighting their personal enemies, giant-size psycho-man watching to them. The three heroes begin the fight against the minions of their mutual enemy but soon, the emotional power of Psycho-man hit them too and Acroyear, led by the hate ray, attacks Mr fantastic with his Thing-equal strength. In fact, the battle turn chaotic, the Micronauts and the FF fighting each other for some of them and helping each over for the others.

Marionette, always forget by Psycho-man, seem a toy when she fires at him with his laser-gun. However his recklessness is enough to help his lover Arcturus Rann to leave the doubts the psycho-man's box instill in him. The leader of the Micronauts uses his space-glider and turn around the master of the emotions like a wasp but a more strange moment stops the battle. Passed through the Prometheus pitt (Micronauts # 15), the Human Torch has join the Microverse and the Psycho-man's vessel too. But his height hasn't change like his teammates and even Psycho-man seem a lilliputian nearby him. The battle take another turn.

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