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Lalo Muldroon was a native of the planet Imsk, with the ability to shrink himself to microscopic size.

Micro Lad foolishly tried to take Shrinking Violet's place on the Legion of Super-Heroes and was rejected. Severely angered, he joined the Legion of Super-Rejects only to be defeated by the LOSH and sent back to Imsk.

On Imsk, Lalo joined with an Imskian liberation movement who kidnapped Shrinking Violet and replaced her with a Durlan named Yera so that they could extract information from Violet's brain. Once Yera was discovered by the Legion, Micro Lad was once again defeated and this time imprisoned in a sens-tank.

Micro Lad somehow escaped though, and joined the Legion of Super-Villains on many of their failed missions before being killed by his fellow Legionnaire Akka.

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