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Mickey Fondozzi is a loyal soldier of the Carbone family. He was recruited on the pretense of being Italian-American. Actually he is Albanian.

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting the Punisher

One day, Mickey was leading four enforcers against a triad bank when Punisher confronted them. Punisher killed Mickey's men but had plans for their leader. Castle wanted Mickey's help in creating the identity of "Johnny Tower" and infiltrating the Carbone family. The duo , posing as cousins, would regurarly perform missions for Julian Carbone while quietly eliminating other family soldiers. When their cover was blown, they were barely able to escape with their lifes. They needed the assistance of Shotgun to do so.   
Julian Carbone met his demise at the hands of the Punisher. His daughter Rosalie took over the family. Rosalie had been romantically involved with Johnny Tower and felt betrayed. Both Rosalie and uncle Sal used Mickey for informations on the Punisher's location. Their schemes actually backfired. Now working for himself, Mickey opened a used car sale's lot. Most of the cars in his stock were stolen. Mickey continued acting as Punisher's informant on more serious criminal activities.

Marvel Knights

His criminal career ended when Mickey got hold of the wrong stolen car. It belonged to the Black Widow who came asking questions along with Dagger. Mickey tried keeping his mouth shut. Then used Dagger performed a soul cleansing technique on him. Not only he told the two ladies everything they wanted to know. He decided to quit crime and follow the straight and narrow road. Punisher soon realized his best informer had become useless to him. Castle severed all contact with Mickey.

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