no_name_'s Michael Turner's Soulfire #5 - Friends And Enemies review

Could the return of magic lead to war?

Could the return of magic lead to war?

The Good

Aspen is known for having some pretty amazing art, but Marcus To's fantastic pencils just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the incredible talents of colorist Beth Sotelo, so major props to her as well. If you are unfamiliar with Soulfire or never read it before, then this issue might be perfect for you to start with. The primary character, Grace, exists in a world full of technology and she has striven to bring magic back to her world. However, now that it has returned, she is faced with the wrath of the "dark lord" Rainier who wants to use technology to harness and manipulate the magic power of the dragons. This is definitely an introductory issue and while it does only briefly delve into Rainier's history, it manages to capture the attention of the new reader. It is definitely a light read and the art really compliments the elements of magic in the story. The issue is extremely well organized and serves almost as a prologue, successfully leaving the reader wanting more. 

The Bad

There is not really anything "bad" about this issue save for the fact that at times it reads like an episode of 'The Hills.' There is a teenage love triangle that takes up a significant portion of the story, so if you are into drama and love triangles, then you are bound to enjoy this issue. 
Posted by Aspenite

You´re right that the art is top notch.
But I hate what they´ve done to the story. Compared to the first volume this series is going down, I really don´t like what Krul is doing with Malikai.

Posted by Suigetsu

I dont like overall what Krul does with Fathom and Soulfire.
However the art in Aspen comics is always top notch.

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