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The Majestic Universe is a world of heroic knights and oppressive sorcerers, frail mortality and painful afterlives, peace-seeking warriors and warmongering fanatics, rampant science and fatal phenomena, blood-thirsty revenge and heart-wrenching redemption, and captivating tyranny and illuminating freedom inhabited by men and women who find themselves in unusual situations that help them to discover the heroes within. Development of the Majestic Universe has been a passion for all the creators involved in the development of the series that make up the core of the Majestic Universe:

  • AURORA: The tale of an alien who comes to Earth to help prepare humanity to defend itself against her warmongering race, only to learn that humanity is a greater threat to her people. Written and Created by Michael Sacal.
  • ENHANCED HIGH: The story of two rival high school students who find a common bond over their increasing superhuman abilities, only to learn that their abilities make them a danger to themselves and to others. Written and Created by Michael Sacal and Aaron Thall.
  • KNIGHTS LEGACY: The saga of the two modern-day descendants of Arthur Pendragon, who in their own respective way abuse their legacy to achieve their selfish desires and to oppress the weak, only for them both to find their missing sense of virtue and justice. Written and Created by Michael Sacal.
  • MAJESTIC GENESIS: The story of a good man of faith whose obsession with saving the Earth from an alien invasion transforms him into a tyrannical man of science. Written & Created by Michael Sacal
  • MAJESTIC REALMS: The tale of a demanding man and rebellious woman on a journey across a timeless afterlife that transforms them into the architects of their own realities.Written and Created by Michael Sacal and Adam Ferenz.
  • THE SPECIALISTS: The story of a group of mercenaries hired to annihilate creatures born of scientific folly and supernatural origin who discover that man is the greatest threat of them all. Written and Created by Michael Sacal and Ryan McLelland.
  • THE WARRIOR’S PATH: The story of a spoiled rich girl seeking to avenge her father’s murder who learns that the path to revenge leads away from the path to redemption. Written and Created by Michael Sacal and Robert MacDonald.
  • ZEROTH: The story of two immortal brothers fighting for control of the mortal realm and spirit world, only for them to learn that the only outcome of their conflict is entropy. Written and Created by Michael Sacal.

Michael Sacal, the founder and president of Heroic Tendencies Studios, is the Creative Director of the Majestic Universe. At present, the Majestic Universe is a work in progress. The success of the Knights Legacy Kickstarter campaign that is the focus of another thread in this forum will determine the future of this endeavor.

For more information and updates as they become available, visit and

(Aurora, Knights Legacy, Majestic Genesis, and Zeroth are © Michael Sacal. Enhanced High is © Michael Sacal & Aaron Thall. Majestic Realms is © Michael Sacal and Adam Ferenz. The Specialists is © Michael Sacal and Ryan McLelland. The Warrior's Path is © Michael Sacal and Robert MacDonald. All rights reserved).

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