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I met him, fifteen years ago.

I was told there was nothing left.

No reason, no conscience,

no understanding; even the most

rudimentary sense of life or death,

good or evil, right or wrong.

I met this six-year-old child, with

this blank, pale, emotionless face

and, the blackest eyes... the *devil's* eyes.

I spent eight years trying to reach him,

and then another seven trying to keep

him locked up because I realized what

was living behind that boy's eyes was

purely and simply... *evil*.

-Dr. Sam Loomis.


Michael's Mask

This is just a description of the new Halloween movie directed by Rob Zombie and is almost completely wrong so please review it. Michael Myers the Rob Zombie rendition.

Michael Myers grew up in a small city. Always being bullied by other students and his step father and sister. At the age of ten, he enjoyed killing and torturing innocent animals. He usually wore masks drawn and cut out by himself, to "cover his ugliness".

The First Victim

Young Michael

It was an afternoon after school on Friday. Two boys who had been bullying Michael on the bathroom, decided to go to the forest on that afternoon. After a while, one of them left, and one stayed walking in the forest by himself. From out of no where Michael attack the boy brutally with a large branch. Taking revenge, Michael leaves the boy dying on the ground covered in blood. Also in the First Movie Myers first victims were his sister, his sisters boyfriend, and his step father.

The Family's Shame

Michael's clown mask

One night, in Halloween, his mom had left to go to work on her nocturnal shift, and had left Michael, his sister, and his step father alone in home. His sister's boyfriend comes over, but his sister was in charge of taking Michael out for trick or treating. His sister stayed in home and didn't take him out, she decided to hang out with her boyfriend in her room.

After a while of trick or treating by himself, Michael arrived home, and ate his candy. His mind full with rage and fury, he grabbed a kitchen knife and headed for the living room, where his step father slept watching TV. Michael grabs duck tape and covers his step father on it. After a while, he grabs his knife and cuts the throat, his father dying instantly.

Killer Clown

Michael notices that his sisters boyfriend is in the kitchen, he grabs a metal bat and beat the teenager to the ground. Leaving a mess of blood and bones on the ground.

After that, he goes upstairs, and sees his sister laying in the bed, listening to music. A mask on the floor, Michael puts it on. And goes to his sister. His sister mistakes him for her boyfriend, and Michael stabs her on the stomach and kills her.


Young killer

Michael sits on the sidewalk outside his house. His baby sister on his arms. His mother arrives from work and asks what's wrong. She enters to see his family all drowned in a pool of blood.

After that night, Mikey is taken to jail. Dr.Loomis, his psychiatrist come everyday to talk with Mikey. And one in a weekend, when both his mom and Dr. Loomis are discussing Micheal's state, Michael who is having lunch grabs a kitchen fork and kills one of the nurses.

His mother can't take it anymore, and shoots herself in the head, thinking she is the mother of Satan.

Fifteen Years Pass

After fifteen years of Dr. Loomis coming to talk to Mikey inside jail, and Mikey never saying a word, he gives up and concludes that Michael Myers is pure evil, and must be terminated as soon as possible. When five officers are taking Myers to his new cell, Myers breaks his hand cuffs and kills all the officers with his bare hands and brute force. Michael escapes, but before that, the janitor who was always nice to Mikey tries to calm him down. But Michael has no heart and drowns the poor man in his own blood, as he screams "I was nice to you Mikey!!! I was nice to--"

Michael escapes and goes on a killing rampage, killing anyone who gets on his way, and in search for his now his teenage sister.

Myers Unleashed

Myers is in a search for his sister, and it can only end in one way-- a bloody way. Myers returns to his old home, and starts to search for something covered under debris on the wooden floor of the house. After a while of breaking wood and smashing the floor, he takes out two items. The mask he wore when he killed his family, and the kitchen knife he used to kill them. While this is happening, one of his sister's friends comes over to the abandoned house with her boy friend, to have a party. But while they are making love, Myers kills both of them and leaves the house.

Laurie Strode and Michael

Micheal's sister, Laurie Strode, who's name was changed when she was adopted by another family, baby sits her little neighbor, and her father and mother stay at home.

Michael arrives at the Strode's home and starts to brutally kill both the father and mother. Another of Laurie's friends Annie is going to go to the abandoned house with her boyfriend, and comes and drops off her little sister, at where Laurie is baby sitting her neighbor Tommy Doyle. Micheal kills them both when they arrive to his old home, and head towards where Laurie is babysitting.

Lindsey, Tommy and Laurie

The little boy, girl and Laurie are arguing about bogeyman being real and not being real. Saying that the bogeyman comes if you don't believe in him, and Laurie doesn't. Myers arrives and starts to chase the three people. The little girl and the boy escape and go for help, while Laurie is chased around the house by Michael. Three officers come to help, but are easily killed by Myers. Laurie tries to attack Myers, but her older brother knocks her out unconscious and takes her to the abandoned house.

Loomis and Michael

After Dr. Loomis finds out that Myers is on the loose, he takes matters into his own hands and buys as much weaponry as possible. Laurie wakes up after a while and tries to escape, but is attacked through out the house, and she ends up outside on the backyard fighting him.

Dr. Loomis arrives and tries to calm down Myers, but fails and is nearly killed. Myers goes back and tries to kill his sister, but is shot in the head by Dr. Loomis.

Apparently, Michael Myers is dead, and Laurie and Dr. Loomis go to his car. "Was that the Bogeyman?" She asks, "I think it was, but who--" Dr. Loomis is unable to finish as Michael smashes through the window and takes out Laurie and drags her into the backyard again. Loomis tries to stop him, but is killed by Myers with his own hands. Taking out his eyes and leaving him dead and covered in blood. After Myers beats Laurie, she grabs Dr. Loomis's gun, and shoots Myers in the face. But no bullet comes out, once more, she shoots. And no bullet. Myers is still not dead. Myers hits her once more. Laurie hits Myers in the face and they fall to the ground. Laurie is over his body, and shoots once more. Blood covers her face and she starts screaming. She ends the bloody rampage that Michael Myers created. And this is supposedly the end of Myers.

Michael's niece

But before all of that Myers searches for his niece Jamie Lloyd. Jamie Lloyd was supposedly the last family member of his family. Myers has ran into Jamie many many times and fails in every attempt he gets. Jamie lived with her foster family and loved her foster sister dearly.

Halloween came and Myers torments Jamie with every chance he gets. On that night many people help Jamie and get in Myers way and they end up getting killed. Jamie and her step sister see Myers and run while Myers chases after them. Michael then pushes Jamie's step sister of a roof and Jamie escapes. Jamie comes to her step sister and cries for her not be dead seconds later Michael is less than 20 feet away from her so she screams and shouts " Help!, Somebody Help Me!!!". Doctor Loomis finds her and takes her to to her school. Michael finds them and shoves and throws Loomis out of the window head first, Just as Jamie is in his reach her step sister bashes him in the with a Fire Extinguisher. A group of 4 bikers offer them a ride trying to drive them away from Michael. They of coarse accept and drive away. Michael was supposely on the car the whole time and ends up killing all 4 bikers. The step sister takes the wheel and Myers falls off the car then She rams the car into him. The police come shortly after and shoot Myers down a hole in the ground and a bunch of stones and graves fall on him.

Years later Jamie is pregnant with a baby. She has the baby and minutes later Myers finds her and kills her. The Torch is now passed to director, Rob zombie who is rebooting the franchise.

Media Appearances with Michael as the main villain

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