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MI6 & Desolation Tests

Desolation Jones

Michael (Desolation) Jones was a member of one the United Kingdoms leading intelligence services known as MI6. Michael was once a fine agent and one of their top spies before something changed within him, it maybe related to breaking up with his girlfriend Jessica at the time, but this can not be confirmed. Turning to drink Michael began on a downward slope and soon his actions could no longer go unnoticed. So he was given the choice of either being discharged from the service or continues working for them as a test subject, he was lead to believe that he would be used as a study rather then the actual subject . It is from here that Michael made the mistake of becoming a test subject in the Desolation Tests. Michael would be subjected to a full year of being imprisoned and strapped to a bed without sleep. Every now and again he would be injected with unknown chemicals. Michael is the only survivor of the test and as such was tattooed with a biohazard symbol on both of his forearm as he is seen as a chemical threat. It is also believed that Michael was also test subject number one as on his other forearm he is also tattooed with Desolation 1.

In Action

The test changed Michael both mentally and physically, one of the most noticed is he must now cover himself in sunlight and can not come in direct contact with it. As he is always covered in the day time, we do not know what will happen to him if his skin ever did meet sun light. His skin is also a dark grey and snow white hair, he is also very skinny and looks like he may die at any moment, this maybe due to the mental and physical pain he feels daily. Even with all of this Jones is a dangerous fighter and has no fear what so ever or any other emotions expected of a normal human. This makes him a very deadly fighter willing to go the extra mile without ever thinking about it, he is once hit several times over the head with a crow bar and still gets up and manages to beat the attacker senseless, this mixed with his MI6 training makes him a great hand to hand fighter. But if he is hurt he does not heal like normal humans either, it does take him a little longer to heal then normal but this is due to the amount of medication he is always taking.

Los Angeles


After being released from the Desolation Test, Michael was nicknamed Desolation Jones and it stuck. Jones suffers from hallucinations mostly of angels. Currently Jones lives in Los Angeles where the US Government hold ex-agents of intelligence agencies from all over the world. Los Angels is run some what like a low security prison for the ex-agents. Jones works as a private investigator and because of his past and much like the rest of his community have a certain level of legal invisibly. Jones only works on jobs within the intelligence community.

Description :

Apart from his grey skin and white hair, Jones has a few other trade marks that make him stick out; he always has a pair of goggles on his head and a bright orange trench coat, some times he is seen with a gas mask round his neck, but more often then not he is in the same clothes as always.

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