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Micheal Dorie
Michael Dorie is a Homo Superior, a mutant, meaning that at puberty he was gifted with extraordinary abilities, in his case high level telekinisis. 


Michael Dorie was crated by writer Steven Grant and artist Enrique Quique Alcatena

Major Story Arcs:

X-Man vs Harvester 

Michael is a telekinetic mutant was one of the few humans on the planet capable of resisting the mind control of the alien entity Harvester. The Harvester is an artificial entity sent out by aliens to "farm" the life force of Earth, and many other planets. The Harvesters failed attempts to escape the Earth to it's masters drew it to the attention of the current Shaman for the planet, Nate Grey, who is led to the Harvester by Michael.  
Michael Dorie inherating the title of Mutant Shaman from Nate Grey.

After engaging the Harvester, Nate realizes the only way he could possibly defeat him  is by sacrificing his own life, splitting his life-force across every animal and plant across the planet, tainting it. Before dying, reaches out to the mind of Michael, entrusting him as his successor to the mantle of shaman to the mutants of the Earth. Michael then leaves his home state of Kansas, seeking to fulfill his mission in life.

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