gods vs gods

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comicvine is fine.

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Michael isn't god or a god......and huh?

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The title says gods vs gods, yet it's in the Archangel Michael topic section, and the creator says Comic Vine is fine...

gives puzzled look

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this is gonna start a fight

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Well he is the second most powerdul being in DC.Is he a God?

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if he is related to lucifer morning star then probably not

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Lucifer is the Devil so.. what's Michael?

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Michaels his twin brother and equal in terms of power but they are only seperated in terms of intelligence, cunning, and abilities which Lucifer for all intensive purposes wins in each.
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no michael is depicted as stronger than lucifer but lucifer is what you just said  
and michael is shown stronger than spectre is is second most powerful being in dc so id say hed classify as a god but i dout angels call themselves gods as its probalby wrong to them or soemthing

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I thought that Michael was GOD like Satan and God, like Lucifer and Michael

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michael is not God but far more powerful than the so called gods... so technically he can call himself a god...not with the capital G

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