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Brief History

Mike Asher's was not the average teenager's life. Aside from living on the streets (his folks had kicked him out after an argument), he was a mutant, he was bullied at school, and on top of all of this, his girlfriend (Kary) refused to put out.  During school one day, he met Fagin, a representative of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who knew of Michael's mutation.  Fagin told Mike to skip school and come with him to learn about The Brotherhood. Along the way, (first taking a pit stop to steal food from the local diner) they ran into an angry mob attacking a mutant. They decided to rescue the mutant. Though at first they were outnumbered, Hoffman & Orwell showed up and cleared the scene with an explosion.

Upset with his whole life, Asher cut his hand open while punching his computer monitor angrily. Seeing this, a group of goth kids walked up to him and told him of their plan to blow up the school. Asher admitted to being a mutant and the kids ran away in fear. Fagin witnessed the goths running away and found Mike attempting to commit suicide with a sharp knife. Fagin knocked the knife out of his hands and told Asher that being a mutant was really all about power.

They left the school to go to a nightclub, where Fagin Propositioned Mike to join the cause. He also introduced him to his fellow Brotherhood member Marabeth. Asher then saw Joey (his school bully), who promptly to Mike that he'd had sex with his girlfriend (having overheard one of their arguments) and Asher decked him. Joey quickly knocked him to the ground. Just then, Fagin stepped in and scared off the bully.

The next day Fagin warned Asher that some Red Cross trucks were scheduled for "HIV testing" in his school that day, but that the trucks were actually hunting for students with the X-Gene. When Mike went up to bat, he panicked. Security tried to restrain him, forcing him to take the test, but Asher preemptively outed himself as a mutant. As he ran away, he was pursued by another angry mob.

He ran into Kary, and pulled her off to the side (out of sight of the mob) to speak with her about what had happened. Hoffman (accompanied by Orwell) interrupted their conversation to find out what had happened as well. After a brief explanation, Asher pulled the fire alarm and ran to the goth kids' secret hiding spot . Asher was shocked to find the goths dead, with Fagin and Marabeth standing over their bodies. Asher started to accuse Fagin, but Marabeth stepped up and told him she was responsible for the killing. Kary followed him, and upon seeing the corpses, accused him of using his mutant powers. He fled, fearing persecution from her as well.

Asher ultimately joined The Brotherhood. As time went by, Hoffman told Asher and Fagin that they'd be getting a look at the operation from inside the London Cell, as full-time members. Asher was also forced to watch the riot that Hoffman caused in Philadelphia, which made Asher question his decision to join. Malcolm Reeves, a fellow member, offered him a way out of the group. The way he could do this was by helping him take down Hoffman & The Brotherhood. To prove his loyalty, Malcolm instructed him to kill Jane Smythe, whom he knew had betrayed The Brotherhood to X-Force. He agreed. Upon reaching Smythe's house, he turned on the gas heaters, entered the house, and sliced her arm off. He ran out with the severed arm in tow, igniting her blood with his powers, causing the house (and the rest of Smythe) to explode. As he returned to Malcolm's office, Asher dropped Smythe's hand on his desk.

Asher wondered aloud if he should try to alert X-Force of Malcolm's coup, resulting in rising tensions between he and Fagin. They began to fight, but  Malon, Malcolm's sister, pulled them apart. Just then, Vivisector and U-Go Girl attacked. U-Go Girl dropped Asher on a car using her teleportation power. Before he passed out he overheard Hoffman and Malcolm arguing, and, noticing a trail of his blood flowing towards them, he ignited it, killing both men in the process.

His whereabouts are currently unknown, and it is likely, however not proven, that Michael Asher was depowered post-Decimation.

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