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A great warrior Seraph of God's Warhost, Micah was a powerful angel - one of his most powerful alongside Avengelyne. He had long held God in contempt for his love of humanity, believing after Armageddon that the angels would no longer be needed and their light extinguished. He even fooled Avengelyne into asking God why he loved the humans so much, getting her cast out of Heaven.  
Late in the twentieth century, God disappeared from Heaven. Micah took this opportunity to rebel, gathering many of the Warhost to his cause and taking control of the lost souls in Purgatory. He also managed to imprison the evil Dragon. Humanity was destroyed but for the few remaining guarded in Jerusalem. After one hundred years of battle, the final battle between Micah and his forces and the angels led by Avengelyne was set to take place on the prophesied place - Megiddo.  
With Magog acting as Death, his forces met on the plains of Israel. After Magog defeat and a surprise attack by Passover, Micah retreated back in time. He planned to kill Adam and Eve and end humanity from the start. Avengelyne and Passover followed him to the Garden of Eden. Right after Adam and Eve comitted the original sin, Micah made his move. Avengelyne stood in between the humans and saved them from their deaths, sacrificing herself instead. 
It was then God spoke, never having left in the first place. He told Micah this was the answer to his question he made Avengelyne pose so long ago. As a reward for her selflessness, Avengelyne was reformed and Micah was destroyed by God's will.

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