Who should be featured if Marvel does a new MI13 book?

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With Paul Cornell currently DC exclusive, it seems increasingly unlikely we'll be getting much more of MI13 in the immediate future, beyond perhaps the odd mention or guest appearance. But if we were, and given that in theory any British character is a member of the group, who would you like to see as the lead characters? For myself, I'd keep most of the team Cornell used, but I'd bring in Kylun, as his swords would prove invaluable if they are still facing demonic foes, Betsy's old friend and fellow psi / secret agent Alison Double in a support role, Lady Daemon as a magical advisor, and Lance Hunter, Britain's answer to Nick Fury and Pete's overall boss (as Hunter is now head of all the UK intelligence agencies).
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Union Jack!

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Maybe to strenghten the bond between Brain and Betsy by making Psylocke's cameo appearance?

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I always liked Excalibur more than MI13. The more of those characters that show up the more likely I'll be interested.

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Yes, I agree to bring in Kylun and Alison Double (or maybe Tangerine instead). But I'll also want to see the lesser support characters that Alan Davis filled the classic Excalibur with- whatever happened to Sat-Yr-9? and Feron? The way I remember, he was studying at some monastery or some order like that so he can host the phoenix force. There's still a lot of history unexplored for the white-skinned magic user. And I second that the more characters from the classic team show up the more I'll be interested.

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