MI: 13 Respect Thread

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Yeah I know, it's the nature of the beast and I never bought a single issue of this ongoing, so I didn't help it at all (I think I thought it was just going to be another pointless event crossover for Secret Invasion at the time) but I just bought and read the first two volumes of the trades over the weekend andMAN!This sh*t was good!  
Great, interesting lineup of characters, great writing and good art, and the stories are much different than anything else Marvel is putting out there right now. What a sleeper this was, too bad it got canceled... 
I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't read it yet (seriously, check out volume 1 at least, if you can) but I love what they did with Cap Britain. I'll just say this: it was about time and I hope it sticks. Pete Wisdom is great as always, imo, as I have always been fond of this mutant, James Bond hybrid that's always been a little rough around the edges. I always enjoy when the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) shows up, he was kind of a personal childhood favorite of mine back in his Avengers days, and the new demeanor Paul Cornell gives him does wonders for the character. Spitfire is a very cool and interesting character that I wasn't very familiar with before this series, but she definitely has a very dark side to her which is in perfect contrast with the levity she brings to the battlefiled in general. Faiza is one of the new characters that debuts in this series and she is a little reminiscient to me of the early days of Kitty Pryde with the X-Men. She is also somewhat of a superhero fangirl and brings a little extra humor to the book. To top it all off, MI: 13 has a heroic skrull on their team, who inexplicably (maybe this is explained in some other Pete Wisdom series I have yet to encounter) chooses to remain in the form of John Lennon. If you like volume 1 enough, be sure to pick up volume 2 and you will be rewarded with Blade! He joins the team and immediately the sparks begin to fly, in more ways than one. 

I know it's too late  for this series, but I hope this team sticks around and pops up in some other ongoings, minis, or events...as long as Marvel doesn't disband them completely or pretend it never happened. It really is an awful shame though and I am going to miss this book and this team very much. I hope they get used in the future, maybe run into one of Marvel's mainstays that is on a mission in Europe.  
Any other fans of this group, any of its members, or their comic here? Any thoughts, lamentations, or comments?  
Please discuss here. 
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I just finished reading this in trades tonight and it was awesome. So sad there isn't a volume 4 to look forward to.

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@Chane said:

"I just finished reading this in trades tonight and it was awesome. So sad there isn't a volume 4 to look forward to. "


I felt the same remorse as soon as I finished them... 
Hey, at least the team is showing up again in te Heroic Age!  http://www.comicvine.com/news/capn-britn-is-back-again/140383/     
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@Bobby X: Didn't know you where an MI 13 fan Bobby, that's cool I was a huge fan of this series and got pissed they cacnelled it when it had gotten only better.
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It's funny, I actually got turned onto the series late, after it had already been canceled, by one of the guys at my local shop. I bought the first trade, read through it twice and was absolutely hooked and had to get the rest immediately. And you're right btw, it only got better from there. I blame the time period for when it came out. Right at the end of the Secret Invasion at the onset of the Dark Reign, and it wasn't advertised as a tie-in or even as being related to the Dark Reign. I just wish I had known more about it while the issues were actually printing though...then I could at least say, "well I did my part and contributed" before it got canceled. At least then I would have some piece of mind lol.
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aw MI:13 was amazing it had a grate cast and I love to see good British superheroes, Pete Wisdom is my idol. The only thing I wish they did with the team was to represent the multi-cultural aspect of the UK a bit more with some Scottish, Welsh and N.Irish hero's joining the ranks. 

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Just read all three volumes and it was amazing. Loved it.

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