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Mharrut is a member of the God-like race of beings known as the First. His name is derived from the word smart and is supposed to govern his personality. This appears to be accurate even though he is rarely seen in the series. Mharrut uses his intellect very well and appears to be a very successful strategist for House Sinister's High Council. Because Mharrut has a seat on the High Council,  it shows that he is one of the most powerful members of his race since Sinister Council members fight for their positions and their council only seats the most powerful. Mharrut is first seen in a Sinister Council meeting, in which he and the other memebers of the Council give a portion of their power to Ingra to help further her latest plot. He is not seen again until Seahn overthrows Ingra and then conquers the Sinister Council members to secure his seat in the leaders role. Seahn succeeds in defeating Mharrut by using a touch of Orium's delerium in order to render Mharruts ability to strategize ineffective. Mharrut soon calls together other elite members of House Sinister, including Minity and Ghirretur, to form a secret council that would find a way to defeat Seahn and take back their House. When Solusandra. the creator of the First, comes to Elysia, Mharrut convices Seahn to confront and stop her destruction of House Sinister. Mharrut most likely did this because he knew Solusandra could have easily killed Seahn if she tried. When Solusandra leaves Elysia in destruction, many of the First refuse to accept their new status as "toys" and flee from their home to rule as true Gods on other planets. Mharrut, however, feels that while the First may have been created as amusement for a greater god, all they need do is simply find away around the current rules that govern their society. This would allow them to grow and evolve like Solusandra had originally planned before she left them.

Mharrut's strategy to achieve this goal is never seen as the Crossgen company filed for bankrupcy and had to abruptly cancel the series. However, in the next few issues, the First would have gone to war with the Negation universe where they would have fought their version of Gods known as Lawbringers.

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