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Mewtwo the 'Perfect' Clone

Mewtwo was created by scientist, under the order Giovanni of Team Rocket, to create the most powerful Pokemon the world has ever seen using the legendary Pokemon Mew as the template. The scientists managed to get the Mew DNA they required from a fossilized eyelash. Giovanni was only interested in Mewtwo for it's raw power, the head scientist Dr. Fugi however saw Mewtwo as a scientific break though that may help him find a way to revive his deceased daughter.


Original Design Art

The character of Mewtwo along with the other original 150 Pokemon were designed by Ken Sugimori for his friend Satoshi Tajiri the creator of the Pokemon franchise. Mewtwo is often considered the 'secret boss' in the original Pokemon Red/Green/Blue games, as it couldn't be fought until the main story had been completed.

Character Evolution

Though Mewtwo is generally a 'one-of-a-kind' Pokemon there have been different incarnations of it across the franchise. But the base structure of the character's growth tends to stay fairly consistent across it's various versions.

Red and Mewtwo from 'Pokemon Adventures'

When Mewtwo is first created it is bitter and angered by it's creators for not having a true reason for bringing it into existence. Then Mewtwo is manipulated by Team Rocket after it finds a 'false' understanding with the crime syndicates leader Giovanni. Once Mewtwo finds out he cannot trust Giovanni it breaks free of Team Rocket's base and swears vengeance against all of humanity.

After an encounter with the series protagonist (eg. Ash Ketchum in the anime/ Red in Pokemon Adventures) Mewtwo would see the error of it's ways an attempt to amend for it's actions. Later fighting side-by-side with the heroes.

Major Story Arcs

In the Pokemon franchise there are two note worthy Mewtwo, that of the anime (which has it's own manga adaption) and the other being of Pokemon Adventures. Both have varying deference.


Birth of Mewtwo

The Mew Fossil

About twenty years ago Team Rocket had discovered that there was a Mew living in the Andes Mountains. In the years to follow Giovanni funded an archaeological expedition, lead by Dr. Fuji, to a shrine high in the mountains that honored the Mirage Pokemon Mew. While the real Mew managed to allude the scientist on the expedition they did manage to find a fossil of an eyelash of Mew, and with it they were able to extract the DNA they needed.

The Five Clones

About a month later in a research lab on New Island Dr. Fuji and his colleagues had successfully managed to reproduce a being from the Mew genome, they named their creation Mewtwo. At this point Mewtwo was still an infant and was kept in a large test tube along side other experimental Pokemon clones of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Aside of the four Pokemon Clones there was another clone, one of a small girl, a clone of Dr. Fuji's deceased daughter Amber. See while Giovanni funded the project all he cared about was owning the world's most powerful Pokemon, where as Fuji had agreed to do the experiment in hopes of finding a way of reviving his daughter. Even in it's suspended form Mewtwo showed great mental abilities sharing a connection with his fellow clones, and in their dreams the five had become friends. Unfortunately the cloning process was unstable, with Mewtwo being revealed to be the only one strong enough to with stand the process, and slowly the clones of Bulbasaur, Charmanger and Squirtle slipped away. This caused Mewtwo great distress as it could feel the essence of Amber faiding too. In the lab the scientists where in a panic as the distress to Mewtwo had caused it's mental abilities to reach critical levels, the only thing that calmed it down were Amber's last thoughts that Mewtwo must live, as life is a wonderful thing. In fear that the memories of Mewtwo would make it dangerous Dr. Fuji gave the orders to have it's mind wiped.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

Mewtwo Reduces the Lab to Flames

In the present day Mewtwo is now full grown but still kept in suspended stasis, until for the first time since it's memory being wiped Mewtwo's mental energy peaks, breaking it's container and waking it up. Confused about where he was and what was going on Mewtwo questioned, "where am I, who am I." Mewtwo had vague memories of something before now but could not remember, due to the memory loss. Dr. Fuji explained to Mewtwo how he was the result of the experiment they had been performing. Upon hearing this Mewtwo asked what would become of him now the experiment was over? However Fuji assured Mewtwo that the experiments were far from over and that Mewtwo was awake the real experiment could begin. Fuji then went to congratulate his colleagues leaving Mewtwo sitting in the broken test tube. Hearing what Dr. Fuji said Mewtwo questioned his existence was he merely put on this planet to be an experiment to be a science plaything. Mewtwo refused this to be true, believing this was not to be his fate stating,

"This can not be my destiny!"

And with those words Mewtwo let out it's immense power destroying everything in it's sight. Once the New Island lab had been burned to the ground Dr. Fuji was the last survivor, but only briefly, with his final words Fuji made one last recording,

"We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon... and we succeeded!"
Mewtwo in Armor

Above New Island a helicopter came down to land and from it Giovanni emerged. Managing the convince Mewtwo to trust him into being 'partners' Mewtwo began to work with Giovanni doing Team Rocket's bidding. In a attempt to control Mewtwo Giovanni had special armor built to suppress it's power, how ever he told Mewtwo that the armor was to focus his power not suppress it. Time past and Mewtwo still questioned his place in the world, when Mewtwo finally confronted Giovanni about his thoughts the Team Rocket boss was completely up front in his response,

"You were created by humans to obey humans. You could never be our equal."

Enraged by being once more betrayed by humans, Mewtwo fled to the place of his 'birth' and vowed that the world would feel his wrath.

As time past Mewtwo had rebuilt the New Island lab and a castle around it, and under the guise of the World's Greatest Pokemon Master, Mewtwo sent out invites to the world's greatest Pokemon Trainers to lure them to New Island for the ultimate battle. Among the trainers invited was Ash Ketchum, a young trainer from Pallet Town.

As a test so that only the 'worthy' trainers would make it to New Island Mewtwo had created a giant storm, a storm so fierce that the Kanto harbor canceled all ferries to New Island. Refusing to listen to the warnings of Officer Jenny and the harbor master many trainers used their Pokemon to battle the storm to get to New Island. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock managed to get to the island with the unexpected help of Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket.

Mewtwo's Clones

As the trainers that passed the storm gathered in the hall of the New Island Castle, telepathically controlling the Nurse Joy he had kidnapped, Mewtwo revealed himself as not a human Pokemon Trainer but as a Pokemon claiming to be the Greatest Pokemon Master. Some of the Trainers refused to accept that a Pokemon could be a Master and attempted to capture Mewtwo but to no avail. Seeing the Trainers eager to battle Mewtwo summoned a Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise from his lab, where Team Rocket was snooping around. As the three Pokemon came to Mewtwo's side he revealed that like himself the three were clones created to be superior then the originals.

With theses three clones Mewtwo challenged the trainers to prove their superiority, those that Mewtwo challenged were the Venusaur owned by the trainer Corey, the Blastoise belonging to Neesha and even Ash's Charizard. And though the trainers and their Pokemon fought their best each one of them were defeated. Declaring his victory Mewtwo claimed his prize, the trainers' Pokemon, then Mewtwo revealed his plan using the genetic material of the trainers' Pokemon he would create a grater race of Clone Pokemon and cleanse the world of humans and the Pokemon that would disgrace them selves of 'serving' humans. As Mewtwo declared this Ash's Pikachu stepped forward and in his own tongue said that he did not serve Ash but worked side-by-side with his trainer because they are friends. Refusing to hear this Mewtwo sent forth a swarm of odd Pokeballs which managed to capture all of the trainers' Pokemon and take them to his lab.

The Clone Army
The Pokemon Originals

Worried about the safety of the Pokemon Ash had followed the Pokeballs to the lab and managed to release them from captivity, but not before the cloning process was complete and the army of clones had assembled in the arena. With his army behind him Mewtwo declared that the world would soon pay, but one last obstacle stood in his way from out of a cloud of smoke Ash Ketchum and the Pokemon Original came forth to oppose him. Ash said that all of Mewtwo's aggression was pointless and that humans and Pokemon could and do live together in peace. But again Mewtwo would have none of this talk and sent Ash flying, luckily before any harm could come to Ash a bubble appeared to break his fall. Surprised by this Mewtwo was even more shocked when he found the cause of the bubble, a real Mew had followed Team Rocket onto the island. Seeing this as the moment to truly prove that the clones were better then the originals, Mewtwo challenged Mew to a fight to the finish.

Powers and Abilities

Mewtwo using a Psionic Barrier

Mewtwo is a psychic type Pokémon, so it has a whole variety of psychic based powers such as communicating through it's mind and taking control of others with it's power. It has access to telekinesis which it uses for floating, attacking and defending itself. Due to the extreme training it recieved and it's intelligence, Mewtwo is extremely powerful and can manage to make long range attacks and shields. It can speak to humans in their language via telepathy.


Mewtwo the 'Genetic Pokemon'
  • Height: 6'07''
  • Weight: 269 lbs
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Hair: Very fine Purple fur
  • Unusual Features: Extraterrestrial in appearance
  • Citizenship: Created in the Kanto region, last seen in the Johto region
  • Family: Mew (genetic template)

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