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Metropolis, An Early Vision

We currently live in an era filled with relatively easy accessability to electronic mediums like radio, television, and of course, the Internet.  
  Added to these we also have the remarkable devices such as desktop and laptop computers,  digital cameras, cell phones, and now electronic notepads, and some of which are capable of delivering the mediums of radio, television, and the Internet.  Quite remarkable.   
These are items which Sci-Fi authors dreamed of many years ago and the first one to come to mind is Isaac Asimov, who was one of the first to have his main character use electronic books and notebook computers; these appeared in the 1950's in his Foundation and Robot novels.   
Having mentioned this, think how it would have been in 1927 to see a movie that featured what could be termed the first "female android".   
Thus is the case with Metropolis, an early silent film produced in Germany during a somewhat stable time in that's country history.  Metropolis is a silent film perhaps unlike any other, as it served as a bit of a commentary on social topics while utilizing incredibly beautiful cinematography and impressive FX for its time.   
The plot involves the son of the man who helped found the "Utopian" city of Metropolis, and his discovery that not all is as it seems as he encounters a beautfiul woman who works underground.  It is in the underground that the man also discovers just exactly how the city is run at the expense of the working poor so he and others can enjoy  their lavish lifestyles.  Due to cuts made in the movie involving running time and better distribution throughout Germany, the movie has lost some key moments and plot points in the movie.  However, if you have time, I encourage you to either purchase this restored DVD copy which contains further info or do some brief research online which explains this a bit better than I can.  Regardless, even with some things missing, the movie is still a very unique and watchable film you must watch, for no other reason than the impressive cinematography.      
While a bit simplified in terms of showing capitalism and not necessarily the way things work as this is after a movie, it is still impressive how the message is conveyed, especially given the time of the movie's release and the method which it was done.   
If you've never seen a silent film, as I expect many have not, then this is the one you should watch. While I imagine it will be a movie that won't appeal to many due to the influence of sound, color, and even the quick "give it to me now" cuture of the Internet Age, it is an important film to watch if you want some cinematic history to add to your film library.  
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Posted by Liberty

One of my all time favorite films.  You have good taste.

Posted by Decept-O
Thanks.  It is a classic even though portions of the film have been lost and are missing it is a beautifully done and poignant movie, especially for the time period it was released.
Posted by dewboy01

great movie with new music, and hd remastered just like star wars trilogy.
Posted by Decept-O
@william knowles:
I just learned via SCREENED.COM that a new re-mastered version is now available as some of that missing footage from the original movie has been found!   
Which is important, because that missing footage of the movie is an integral part of the movie.  
Hopefully I can purchase that "new" version soon.

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