Awesome Toy Picks: Metron with Mobius Chair (Signature Collection)

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Each week we look for a cool comic book collectible and take a close look at it. This week's features Metron the New God. This figure is part of Matty Collector's line of Signature Series figures. They are part of the Club Infinite subscription package (where you're automatically billed and shipped a new figure each month). Metron was exclusive for subscribers. The figures often end up going on sale as well on the site but you have to be quick before they sell out. There have been times in the past when sold out figures have gone back up for sale. You just have to keep a close eye on the site. Metron may not become available later. You might have to search elsewhere. This should also make you think about considering committing to the subscription for next year.

The first thing you should notice is how big this figure is. Rather than just Metron, he also comes with his Mobius Chair. While the chair is pretty simple, he wouldn't be as cool if he didn't have it.

The packaging is similar to the others in this line. There's a nice display in the front to get a look at the figure with some new art and a description on the back. Unfortunately my figure had a paint smudge on his nose. I'll have to try to touch that up.

I still love how the figures come in a plain white box. Makes it look classy.

Metron is similar to the other Mattel DC figures, in terms of articulation. That means he should fit right in with the others if you decide to display or play with them together. The chair is a snap to put together.

It's not really Metron's deal but you know he's totally going to be judging your other action figures as he sits around in his fancy Mobius Chair.

Having a chair is important for your action figures. Now they can take turns sitting around, provided Metron lets them.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. He sometimes wishes he had a flying chair he could sit in and cruise around through space and time.

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Want! :)

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I love those original New Gods stories that Kirby did.

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He HAS a real name. It`s Metron.

Why is he making that face? He should be looking calm and calculating. Not like he would be angry or in the middle of a sentence. Or both.

Otherwise, cool.

Wuuhuu! I`m so energized after drinking that cosmic energy drink!

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So, would my 4th World action figure
Fit in this Metron's chair?
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Metron's the man! :) Awesome!

#6 Posted by CitizenJP (672 posts) - - Show Bio


like a boss.

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...I am terribly sad I didn't know about this subscription until long after it was no longer available.

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Strap me@butters911 said:

I love those original New Gods stories that Kirby did.

This. Annnnd...

@wildcardcomics said:

Want! :)


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Man, I love how your pics do not have dialogue, but I can just hear what the toys are saying. I loved Metron's going like: "This is my chair." next pic. "I will now sit in my chair." next pic. "I am sitting in my chair. Gaze in wonder now."

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Now this I like! Metron's appearance in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing was one of my favorite moments from that run.

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why would anyone want Metron? lol

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@zackattack529: Collectors.

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this is so cool

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Is it just me, or does almost every DC character look super lame with terrible color schemes? A green chair with bright blue? How about Wonder Woman? Glad they finally updated her look to something 1980ish. Or how about how long it took Superman to get a red belt instead of underwear. Marvel is waaaaay ahead in the character design dept.

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Metron: "Starfire, quit flying around and come sit on my lap!"

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Cool Figure.

Anyone: I have a lot of toy design ideas... does anyone know how I get in contact with the right people? Thanks!

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Sitting in a chair.......... LIKE A BOSS

Awesome pics btw, till I never heard of the guy before:P

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One these days, I'm gonna find a life size Mobius Chair and buy it. When is this going to happen.

P.s. awesome toy pick, one of the coolest yet

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Cool chair - it's life-size right?

Would be great if I could sit in it while playing video games.

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This would look AWESOME in my man-cave.
O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h. It has v-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-bra-a-a-a-a-a-a-te.
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I've never bought anything like this before. I might have to get this. Metron is the shit.

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@Sawcesome: If you want in on next year's sub now is the time, they are open until 06/08

I really hope they get enough subs to continue (they are only going ahead if a certain number are sold), (go here to sub!) really want this Saint Walker and Phantom Stranger:

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