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       Aldo avila , a 12-year-old Mexican young man pacionate for cómics and video games, he is in love with the most popular girl in school, Eve, but she does not show the minor interest. His best friends: Michael Anguel (May), a robust and burly boy of his age and Lucy, the nerd girl who has always been in love with Aldo in secret. 

NAPP(Nano Armor Power Processor)

Everything changes when a meteorite comes close and aparently crashes with the planet, but before the collision the U.S army had every thing under control and with a giant laser they destroy to the supposed meteorite, (That really is a ship that was transporting capsules NAPP (Nano Armor Power Processor)),    in hundreds of fragments that fell down on the land. One of these pieces is swallowed accidentaly by Aldo in a park, granting him power. 

Universal Warrior
     In his DNA resides the information of four universal races that make him the best prospect for the Universal Warrior. Later he is trained by Catzandra and Guided by the teacher Granizero. As he fights and conquers the mutants his powers get stronger, though he manages to lose several times because of his impulsive character and lack of smarts.

his way he initiates Meteorix's adventures.      

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