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One evening while trying to protect his neighbor from hoodlums Jefferson ends up being pursued by them. After running a couple of blocks he has no where to hide except for a dumpster. After hiding for some time he steps out and admires a shooting star but this no regular shooting. The shooting stars, like all shooting stars, is a meteor and before Jefferson knows it he is struck by the space rock. His injuries are severe he is expected not to live, he suffered a broken spine and severe burns. Luckily he is found and taken to the hospital where he is treated and bandaged. He awakens after days in unconscious and to his and the doctors surprise his spine and burns had completely healed. Eventually he realizes the meteor endowed him with incredible powers and abilities. He and his parents convince him to help the community they then formulate and create his Meteor Man identity (after multiple hilarious identities and/or costumes failed). His home town in Washington D.C along with normal problems it has been corrupted and put in danger by a large gang;  The gang is very dangerous and spreading drugs, surprisingly they consist of members ranging from 4th graders to adults they are called the Golden Lords (because their hair is dyed blond) and they are led by Simon Caine. Meteor Man's  good deeds consist of getting cats out of trees, helps people cross streets, cleaning up the city and the more heroic tasks like stopping a bank robbery, shuts down drug houses, he even unites the Crips and the Bloods of the area and then he unites them with the police force to help. While doing all these good deeds he has gained the attention of Simon and his gang, he wants to kill him so his boss will "promote" him and this causes the crime to escalate.  Micheal, Jefferson's best friend, takes Jefferson's costume while he is asleep and wears it out at the mall to impress women and get interviewed by the news. The gang hears about this and they all begin to converge on the mall but before shooting Micheal, who they think is Meteor Man, Jefferson rushes there and levitates Micheal out of danger. While doing this Simon sees Jefferson using his power and realizes whats going on and orders everyone out.  Jefferson must also deal with depleting powers, it seems the meteor's affects are only temporary. After a neighborhood meeting Jefferson and his community are held at gun point as Simon reveals that he knows who Meteor Man is. The gang all open fire but Jefferson catches all the bullets but once everyone leaves he looks at his hand and sees blood. The crime continues to escalate and the gang demands Jefferson to turn himself in but the neighbors suggest he lay low and leave for awhile but he refuses and tries motivating everyone to stand up for themselves and fight against the gang. Later the gang barricades the block and force him to come out or they will shut the houses up. The neighbors hide in their houses as Jefferson gets beaten by Simon. After Jefferson gets a couple hits in on Simon he gets a gun and right before he pulls the trigger a neighbor throws a record at his hand which causes him to drop his gun. One of his little lords quickly grabs the gun and throws it away so Simon orders all his men to shoot him. Moments after taking aim their guns are mysteriously thrown into the air, it turns out to be one of the neighbors who had his own meteorite chunk. While the gang is distracted and unarmed the entire neighbor hood pounces on the gang members but in the ensuing chaos the neighbor drops his meteor fragment. Jefferson and Simon dive for the rock and get powers and have a fight that climaxes during a run way model battle...yea just like it sounds. Eventually Jefferson ties Simon up and absorbs his power but shortly after Simon's bosses show up and they drastically out number the civilians. As they huge crowd of armed gangsters begin to walk up to everyone the combined gangs appear and they out number the gang and scare them out of town. Jefferson thanks the now unified and protective gang.

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