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 Fallon becomes the metal juggernaut known as Metallo.
Mike Fallon was an escaped convict that changed his alias to George Brown and volunteered to test a new radiation suit created by the government to hide from the police. Fallon was presented a massive, armored suit built to protect him from radiation, atomic heat and nuclear shock waves. Fallon quickly learned the controls and underwent his first test that took place in the ocean. The suit protected him from the explosion and radioactive tidal wave. Fallon survived his second test which took place in the sky. Fallon was hoisted in the air by a helicopter and struck by a rocket with an atomic warhead. Fallon survived the test and felt invincible in the suit. Fallon refused to leave the armored suit and told the government that he was going to use the suit to commit crimes. Fallon called himself Metallo and broke into the First National Bank. The police could not stop Metallo and this criminal had his sights on Alcatraz. Fallon headed to Alcatraz where he planned to free the prisoners to create his personal army. When Fallon reached the prison, he started to feel ill and experienced unbearable pain. Metallo broke into the prison infirmary and threatened the doctors and nurses if they would not help him. The doctors told him that he had malignant disease based on his symptoms and his only treatment was radiation. Fallon decided to stay in the armored suit because he would go back to prison if he seeks treatment and headed to a mountain on the California coast. Fallon remained there debating whether to seek treatment and face prison or stay in the suit and let the disease finish him eventually.


Metallo was created by Jack Kirby and Don Heck in 1961 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 16.

Powers & Abilities

Fallon wore a powerful, armored suit of lead that protected him from radiation, atomic blasts and nuclear shock waves. The suit was large enough for one man to control from the inside and it provided him with enough oxygen for weeks. The suit was watertight and it also provided the user superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. .

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