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During his search of Black Mask, an exhausted Batman came across a series of waterfront taverns filled with mauled, bloody inhabitants. After interrogating one of many severely injured victims, he found the whereabouts of the so called "Metalhead" at the local cemetery in the Sionis Family Crypt, resting place of Black Mask's family.

Sure enough, Metalhead would be found there, and Batman discovered the true intentions of this spike-studded villain. What followed would be a most grueling battle for the much fatigued Dark Knight, fortunately ending in the apprehension of Metalhead. Alfred and Robin arrived just in time to help the battered Batman return home. 

Little is known about Metalhead, few details were revealed in his first and only appearance. Although he failed to become a member of the False Faces, Metalhead had an intimidating presence. A physically fit specimen, he favored the use of his spiked knuckles, mask, and head-whip in battle.

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