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The majority of this issue reprints a story, originally published in Metal Men #6 (February-March 1964). A plot summary for that story can be found on that issue page. The reprinted material is bookended by a framing sequence that furthers the current storyline.

Having defeated Eclipso, and the threat of Umbra, the Metal Men are returning home. On board the Jetaway, Isobel Sullivan, Doctor William Magnus' therapist, makes it clear that she's harboring some romantic, and rather unethical, feelings towards Magnus. This display touches off another jealous outburst by Platinum. Magnus is prompted to tell the tale of how he was once transformed, by cosmic radiation, into a robot. Magnus finishes his tale just as the Jetaway is pulling into his laboratory complex. There he receives an urgent invitation, sent from his old friend, General Henry Caspar, to a top secret army installation. As soon as the team touches down on the base, they are, immediately taken into custody, by order of Colonel Craven, the head of "Project Automaton".

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