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Platinum, in her civilian guise as Tina Platt, engages in a conference call with the enigmatic Mister Conan, and her fellow Metal Men. Conan's organization has recently acquired Magna Studios, and is intent on producing new films. The Metal Men are asked to become involved. A happy reunion, on the studio lot, is interrupted by Fettucini, the film's director. The pushy Italian auteur is anxious to get underway. Platt, though, is unsettled by something she keeps glimpsing out of the corner of her eye. Mister Jonas, the actor portraying the film's monstrous antagonist is murdered, moments before Jonas is expected on set. His horrific killer takes Jonas' place in the scene. However, when the call to action is given, the misshapen murderer truly abducts Platt.

Jonas' copse is discovered. The Metal Men, still in their civilian disguises, are about to swing into action when the police, led by homicide detective, Lieutenant McDonald, arrive on the scene. McDonald dissuades the Metal Men from acting. Their exchange becomes heated, with Iron actually laying hands on McDonald. The police lieutenant is quick to note Iron's vise-like grip. Breaking away from the police, the Metal Men split up to look for Platt. each in their own inimitable fashion. Platt, though, is nowhere to be found. Platt's horrific abductor provides her with food and drink, unaware that Platt is actually a robot that requires neither. Her abductor reveals himself to be Hugo Stark, a former stuntman.

While working on the World War I film, The Devil's Circus, Stark suffered a horrible accident, when his stunt plane collided with another. The other stuntman died, but surgeons were able to save Stark. The crash, though, left Stark scarred and hideously deformed. Shunned by humanity, Stark took up residence at the defunct Magna Studios. Stark kept his presence on the premises a secret during Magna Studios' renovation and re-opening. Upon spying Platt, though, Stark was overwhelmed by loneliness. He had to have her. Stark is amazed that Platt does not recoil in horror at his appearance, little suspecting that it is only because she is a robot that she does not. Platt takes pity on Stark, and opts not to reveal her lack of humanity to him.

Suddenly, studio security guards burst in on Stark and Platt. Stark attacks the two men, violently beating them down, despite Platt's protestations. Attracted by the sounds of gunfire, the police close on Stark. Bellowing in rage at the assembled officers, Stark hurls the two security guards down upon them. McDonald draws on Stark, but Iron disables his gun before he can fire, for fear that Platt could be hit. The Metal Men, still in their civilian guises, pursue Stark through the backlots of Magna Studios. Tin is the first to catch up to Stark. Tin and Stark grapple. Just as Stark puts Tin down, Lead arrives. Stark floors Lead, than grabs a mace off the wall. Stark swings the weapon at Lead, but Iron blocks the blow. Mercury moves in to engage Stark.

The inhumanly strong Stark manages to, momentarily, beat down Mercury and Iron. The Metal Men finally corner Stark. As they move in to attack, Platt steps in front of Stark. Platt begs her teammates to stand down. No sooner has Platt pacified the conflict, though, then McDonald arrives with the police, guns drawn.Through a hail of gunfire, Stark shoves his way past the police. A stray bullet causes the wiring in the old studio building to spark, igniting a blaze. In moments, the entire studio lot is aflame. Stark is consumed in the fire. Platt distracts McDonald, allowing Iron to take possession of the Lieutenant's gun. Iron has left evidence, of his true identity, on the weapon, when he slightly crushed it to keep it from firing. Platt gets McDonald to escort her home. Conan arrives on the scene, offering to dispose of the weapon for Iron. It isn't the only reason Conan has come. It seems he brings news of the Metal Men's long comatose creator, Doctor William Magnus.

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