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The Coven of Seven summon demons into the world. Their incantation also begins to darken the world. On the streets, a palpable sense of dread builds with the dimming of the street lights. Suddenly, a young woman feels the icy grip of a demon close around her ankle. Quickly, a man kicks the hand off her. Demons attack a Folk music performance by Ledby Hand and Tinker, really Lead and Tin of the Metal Men. Tin turns the house lights up, and the demons vanish. Demons swarm a subway car. Jon Mann, really Iron of the Metal Men, steps outside to deal with the threat.

Removing the synthetic flesh from his arm, Iron lashes out at the demons. The creatures shirk away from the iron arm, and flee into the darkness. Iron tows the subway car into the station, then contacts the enigmatic Mister Conan. Iron is told to head to a nearby dress shop. There he confers with Conan, as well as the other Metal Men, via closed circuit televisions. Conan introduces the team to Doctor Honorius, who outlines the threat from the Coven Of Seven. Conan indicates that the encroaching darkness seems to be concentrated in Chelsea. The Metal Men are told to confront the threat there.

En route, Iron encounters a band of demons mugging an old man. Despite the risk of revealing his secret identity, Iron removes the synthetic flesh from his arms, and attacks. Once more, the demons flee in the presence of iron. Fortunately for the Metal Man, the old man is blind, and thus is unaware of his rescuer's identity. Iron escorts the man home, then meets with the Metal Men. The team tracks the Coven Of Seven to a tenement building, in Chelsea. As soon as the Metal Men crash the Coven Of Seven's dark ceremony, the room is plunged into darkness.

The Metal Men grope about in the darkness for the coven members, but only get ahold of their robes. All seven members must be taken down to end the threat. If even one member of the Coven Of Seven escapes, their enchantment will continue. The Metal Men split up to cover all the possible exit points. Mercury hurriedly races down to the street, just in time to catch up with two coven members exiting through a side door. Mercury dodges the coven's attacks, while chasing them into the garage. Lead and Tin, already in the parking garage, encounter two more members of the Coven of Seven.

The coven members attempt to run Lead and Tin down. Suddenly, the two Mercury are chasing dart out in front of the speeding car. The car barrels over them, then crashes into some fuel tanks, setting off an incendiary explosion. All four coven members burn to death. Gold and Platinum chase two more members into an elevator room, on the roof. To elude the Metal Men, the coven members shape shift into rats. Removing the synthetic skin from her hand, Platinum molds her fingers into a cage, trapping the rats. The rats shape shift into birds, but remain caged.

The birds shape shift into spiders. Terrified of spiders, Platinum panics and stamps on the fleeing arachnids, crushing the coven members beneath her boots. Iron corners the final member of the Coven of Seven. Immediately, Iron is seized by a band of demons. Removing the synthetic skin from his hand, Iron lashes out at his would-be captors. The demons, as well as the coven member, flee in the face of iron. To escape the deadly iron, the last member of the Coven Of Sevens leaps out the window, falling to his death on the pavement below. With his death, the darkness is immediately lifted. The crisis over, the Metal Men resume their civilian identities.

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