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Returning from a mission in space, the Metal Men's ship runs out of fuel, and crash lands in a parking lot. Though no lives are lost, the epic property damage is the last straw for a city populace that has come to hate the Metal Men. In the days that follow, public sentiment against the Metal Men reaches a fever pitch. A special council is convened by the mayor. Their task? To decide the ultimate fate of the Metal Men. The city fathers vote to condemn the Metal Men to destruction. The Metal Men are conveyed to a junk yard. There, each member of the team takes a turn stepping into a car compactor. Lead goes first, Platinum goes last. Each Metal Man is crushed and compressed into large blocks. Their execution, however, turns out to be a ruse.

A hidden trap door in the compactor, has deposited the Metal Men into a secret facility.There they meet their savior, Mister Conan. Surprisingly, Conan was one of the men who made the decision to destroy the Metal Men. Conan arranged their public execution, as well as the manner. Representing a secret organization dedicated to erasing the forces of oppression threatening world freedom, Conan sees a place in his organization for the Metal Men. With the world at large believing that the Metal Men are "dead", Conan employs metallurgists, chemists, technicians, sculptors, and cyberneticists to remake the Metal Men. The final touch comes from Doctor Peter Pygmalion, who has created a synthetic skin. A covering that, when worn, will allow the Metal Men to pass as human.

The Metal Men are given new identities, then reinserted into the world. Gold becomes Guy Gilden, a mover and shaker on Wall Street. Platinum becomes Tina Platt, a high fashion model. Lead and Tin are cast in the roles of Ledby Hand and Tinker, a pair of Folk singers. Mercury adopts the identity of "Mercurio", a temperamental artist and sculptor. Finally, Iron takes the name Jon "Iron" Mann, an amazing engineer, in high demand, in and around the city. After spending six months establishing their new identities, the Metal Men are ready to get back into action. Unbeknownst to the Metal Men, the very threat they've been recruited to confront is convening to discuss their dark intentions. Very soon now, the Metal Men will encounter their newfound foes... The Black Coven.

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