Is Metahuman and Mutate the same thing?

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Because from both Marvel and DC universe, it sounds like it is.

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One you get you're powers by some accident, the other you have them since you where born.

#3 Posted by dewboy01 (2362 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll take that as a YES.

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No, from what I know of Marvel, mutate specifically to mean those who gained a power through means other than birth, like Deadpool or Spider-Man. Metahuman in the DCU was closer to mutant, because metahuman just refered to anyone born with a natural special power. Past tense becuase the term has gotten broader in the DCnU, and recently it pretty much means anyone with a power. DC doesnt make the point that metahumans are another species or derived from the same mutated allele the way Marvel does to mutant.

@dewboy01: Its a NO. Compare and contrast "was born with" with "later gained"

#5 Posted by Ms. Omega (4689 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel defines mutates as some one that recieves powers from an outside stimulus such as Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Fantastic 4, and some DC characters would be considered mutates such as Static, Hot-Streak imo. But DC has a tendency to classify all super powered beings such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and others as Metahumans. It just really depends on which universe you are reading.

#6 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1807 posts) - - Show Bio

Dose DC have Mutants ? The only one I know of for shere is Captain Comet. Are there other mutants besides him ? and by Mutant I mean people born with there powers like in the Marvel universe ?

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