Did Deadpool really need to be there?

#1 Posted by themaskedhero (400 posts) - - Show Bio

I read Messiah War as it came it, I've re-read it again as a whole. And I thought of one question: 

Does anyone else feel like Deadpool and maybe even X-Force did really need to be there?

Because Deadpool was good for laughs and such, but he didn't change any of the events.
#2 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

Due to a Marvel issued mandate, Deadpool must appear in 6 or more comics in a month.

#3 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool is there for sales and no other reason.

#4 Posted by Korg (11351 posts) - - Show Bio

This entire event didn't even need to happen. It accomplished absolutely nothing.

#5 Posted by themaskedhero (400 posts) - - Show Bio

At least I'm not the only one who sees the entire event and everything involved in it was useless. Because I liked it better when Deadpool only had one series and no one realized how much weight he had in the Marvel Universe. He's the underground Marvel hero.

#6 Posted by Bergquist (794 posts) - - Show Bio

He was there for Cable when thay were a team

and hes cool

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