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Merzah the Mystic fights international spies and saboteurs. By his amazing powers of thought transmission and mental telepathy he protects his country from the inroads of communism and fascism!

Major Story Arcs

World War II

Merzah fought for the Allies as an invaluable member of the Crazy Sues.

X-Men Legacy - Progical

Home for elderly psychics.

At some point, Merzah set up a retreat in the Himalayas where aging psychics could go to be cared for and keep their degrading mentalities from causing their powers to run wild.

Merzah was last seen helping David Haller (a.k.a. Legion) in controlling his rampant multiple personalities that made up his psyche and powers. With Merzah's help as the Hazeguard in David´s mind, David had been making great strides in controlling his powers by setting up a sort of mental prison for them. He had even come to help Merzah out with helping some of the other psychics at the retreat. Just when things were looking well for David however, his father Charles Xavier was killed. The psychic backlash of this event caused David to completely lose control of himself and his powers went wild, wiping out the entire retreat and everyone in it. Barely alive, Merzah tried his best to reassure David that everything would work itself out in the end. Merzah passed away shortly afterward.

Powers & Abilities

Merzah the Mystic has precognitive and post-cognitive powers, as well as telepathic abilities. He's also trained in both armed and unarmed combat.

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