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Meryl after been captured
Meryl is the niece of the colonel Roy Campbell. Her father, Matt Campbell, was also a military and grown up his daughter as a soldier during her childhood. Teenager, she became a warrior and disdained the other girls excess feminine. During the Gulf war her father was killed. She closed then as soon as she was able to the army with purpose to understand why her father has become a soldier. e made her undergo a psychotherapy "anti-man" before contacting the army.

The Shadow Moses Incident (2005)

At Shadow Moses, Meryl was supposed to replace the soldiers who did
Her and Snake
not appear. When the rebellion began, she served " as hostage " for Roy Campbell to make participate Solid Snake and himself at the operation. She was captured whith the ArmsTech president's, Kenneth Baker. When this one gave the code (was missing only that of the Donald Anderson) he gave his card PALE has Meryl, it was the last means to deactivate Metal Gear. She met Snake as she escaped from her cell. She took him at the beginning for Liquid Snake, but before understanding the situation, both protagonists had to face soldiers' assaults Genomes, Meryl killed for the first time. Later they eventually cooperated, and she helped Snake by Codec.

Both met 'for the first time' after a discussion Codec in the toilet of the women. Both discussed the ideals before leaving towards the towers of communication, to arrive at the store of Metal Gear. On the road Meryl was possessed by Psycho Mantis. Snake been able to knock out her and to kill Mantis. 

When she(it) resumed her spirits she doubted strongly her capacities, Snake answers that it could arrive at whoever, it was simply necessary to learn from it. However, everything did not go by arranging, she was austerely hurt by Sniper Wolf. This one tried to attract Snake towards Meryl to pick him, but she did not fall in the trap and fetched a rifle Sniper, but has his return, Meryl had disappeared. She was arrested and undergoes the tortures of Ocelot " and much more " (the Japanese version lets understand that she was violated).

At the end of the mission, Meryl was of use as "sacrifice" to the fight setting Liquid and Solid Snake. After the victory of this one, her and him escaped in Jeep. With Liquid pursuing them to result in an accident... Liquid crazy about fury died from Fox-die before having been able to kill his enemies... Both left on the ice-cold sea of Alaska for Snowmobile... We know nothing more of Meryl, but dialogues let think that both separated... Strange. Snake seemed nevertheless rather loving. 
Liquid Ocelots Revolt 

Liquid Snake came out of hiding and solid snake was sent on a mission to kill him. He had to meet up with Meryl's new team to do so. He failed and almost died but later succeeded several missions later. 

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