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Sandman Presents... It must be good.

They call him Pumpkinhead, Merv Pumpkinhead.  Dream janitor by day, Dream spy by night. 
This needs to comeback in print.  I was digging in my vertigo box and I forgot I had this.  After reading the House of Mystery Halloween annual and getting a Bill Willingham Merv fix... I needed to complete the addiction by rereading this gem.  It is James Bond meets Merv with a dash of the Willingham charm.  
The book is funny.  Charming.  Action packed.  All you can look for in a little over 40 pages no ads.   Both the prestige printing and the The Sandman Presents: Taller Tales trades are out of print, which is a shame.  With the success of Fables and the foundation of the Sandman in Vertigo the Taller Tales trade is a book I would assume would be in most people's collection.
The art is great from the classic James Bond inspired cover to the very last page, this book was pleasant on the eyes.  The story is also a fun read, I laughed in the sames spots I did the first time I read this book years ago.  
It felt a little formulated.  It was written as if it was suppose to be a two comic issue set four chapters between 22 pages each.  
If you see this, its a buy.  Its a nice quick read, but it is a read you wouldn't mind revisiting later on.
 - Silkcuts

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