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Merryman is the son of two heroes from the Freedom Brigade, Lady Liberty and The Patriot (parodies of Miss America and Uncle Sam, respectively). On his mother's side he is descended from the Crimson Chrysanthemum (a parody of the Scarlet Pimpernel). On his father's side he is descended from Yellowjacket (a parody of the Green Hornet). Merryman went into superheroics at his parents' urging.


Merryman was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Esposito and Joe Orlando. His physical appearance is based on Woody Allen

Character Evolution

A comic strip artist by trade, Merryman is the leader of the Inferior Five, and its most intelligent member. As the most intelligent of his colleagues, he is painfully aware of the team's shortcomings. He dresses as a jester because he believes that he is making a fool out of himself participating in the team's adventures, and if he's going to be a fool he should at least look the part. Although he has had martial arts training, he is physically unimposing and weak.

Almost breaking the Fourth Wall.

Merryman reappered after the Crisis of Infinites earths in Animal Man #25 - Monkey Puzzle,living in the comics Limbo where he and others forgotten characters were conscious on their fictional existences as comic book characters. He served as a guide for Buddy Baker in his brief stay. This version of Merryman was more close to the writer voice over the use and oblivion than some characters fall when they are not close to the readers tastes.

Final Crisis

He appeared in Final Crisis, where he was depicted as in Limbo, and acted as the leader of those in Limbo with him, calling himself King of Limbo aiding the various Supermen in beating back the attack of Mandrakk.

The Brave and the Bold

In a return to the basics, Merryman and his team were bring back to present day from their time with a misadventure with the time traveling Legion of subtitute heroes, who left them in a wrong age, a new world to explore.

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