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The water-nymph of Irish lore, the dancing, shimmering sprite, the Merrow is a water elemental, the flash of streaking silver glimpsed just below the surface of sunlit streams and glimmering brooks. She remains an agent of BEDLAM (Red Team) mostly because she is fascinated (almost consumed) by the ways (and motivations) of mankind.

She is of the mysterious, elusive faerie and relates to others (human and non-human alike) in an empathic manner rather than one of social necessity. (She is drawn — or repelled — to an individual's aurally projected personae and not their sometimes superficial countenance.). She is a quietly curious creature, pure and honest in her thoughts, emotions, reactions. She is sometimes difficult to 'read' as her reactions to both positive and negative information or stimuli evoke the same 'curious' response.

In that the Merrow is practically 'one with the water' once she makes contact, she is a great asset to the team as well as a sort of living personality tester when presented/confronted with new personnel. She is, surprisingly, very fond (once again, fascinated) of her Team Leader, Peter Hammerskold.

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